Treat Your Swim Goggles Right

By keeping your goggles in top notch shape, you can make your investment last for many swim seasons to come. Far too often, swimmers are plagued by bothersome problems that slow them and the performance of their goggles down. Between scratches, perpetual fogging and chlorine damage, it seems that goggles are doomed to eventually fail in the harsh environment they’re used in. But, there are a few simple and effective remedies you can use to help ensure that your perfect pair of goggles stays in near mint condition lap after lap after lap. Read on to find out more.

First and foremost, you have to keep your goggles protected when you’re out of the water. While it’s so easy to just throw the pair into your swim bag after a long swim, doing so will scratch your goggles without fail. Pair your goggles with a durable and hearty protective case to keep them from getting damaged in between swim sessions. If you’re interested in a brand, try the Goggle Case by Barracuda. It’s crush-resistant neoprene and soft inner lining do a great job keeping your goggles free from scratches, nicks, dings and warped foam. The size of the case will hold most standard sized lenses and even comes with air holes to help dry your goggles when stored. Clip this case onto the side of your swim bag and rest assured that your goggles go everywhere that you do.

And if Speedo is more your go-to brand, you’ll love the look and performance of the Speedo Goggle Case. This hard protective shell is sure to prolong the life of your precious goggles and will also keep them from fading in the sun. The drainage holes drilled into the material allow excess water to drain – guaranteeing that no further chlorine damage will be incurred. The classic black material with yellow zipper is eye-catching, which makes it easy to find in even the messiest of swim gear bags.

The last thing you want is for your perfect pair of goggles to fog up during the middle of a race or intense training session. Yet, this annoying phenomenon seems to happen right when we need it the least. Thank goodness that Aqua Sphere has come up with an Anti-Fog Solution for swim goggles that’s affordable, non-irritating and simple to use. The specially formulated liquid helps keep your vision crystal clear through your mask or goggles. Simply wipe a few drops of the solution on the inside of your lenses to activate the anti-fogging ingredients. It not only creates an invisible anti-fogging layer on the surface of your goggle lenses, but it can also help prolong the life of your pre-treated eyewear lenses to ensure that each dive is as clear and fog-free as possible.