In the Shadow of Rio and the Olympic Games

Brazil fought hard to win the right to host the Olympic Games in Rio but the curse surrounding their success in that endeavour threatens the world. The city is bankrupt, criminal elements are rife and waiting their chance to rob visitors, while the police force is on strike because they are unpaid. One would think that not much else could go wrong but looming large over the entire project is the Zika virus which is destroying the lives of many.

The city could not be in a worse state with roads unfinished, cleaners unpaid, and transport likely to fail for the same reason. Looming large over the scene is the huge image of the false god of religion and in my opinion it is the curse that will pay back the world for its idolatry.

My reincarnation is evidence that there is no heaven or hell and religions of all types are wrong. Research proves they emerged from sun worship and that prophets, such as Jesus Christ, are based on previous ‘Sons-of-God’ modelled on the expectations and dreams of the ancients.

The bible states that Constantine, who established the Catholic religion in the year 325 also put up the image of Jesus Christ and reinstated Mary, the Mother God of Babylon (Revelation 17:5), in it as the Mother of God. He built the Vatican and his work is documented and the records show that what he did was part of his solution of absolute control of the Roman Empire.

Revelation 13:12-18 stipulates these things and that he is the one with the number 666. He is also the person who established the modern economic system and set out the rules of inheritance, which are still followed.

We are in the last days and everyone is back as shown by the population growth. What will come out of Rio will be part of the plan laid out in the Old Testament prophecies. The shadow of the Olympic Games in Rio will stretch to all parts of the world as the effects of the Zika virus and other things are carried forth.