Diamond Rings, Glitz And Glitter

Diamond Rings, throughout the centuries, have dazzled the masses with their sparkle and brilliance. When cut into specific styles, these stones shimmer like no other gem available on today’s markets. These gemstones are considered to be the hardest material on earth. Most industries that cut heavy metals have tools designed using the hardest of this stone to assist blades and bits.

These shear gems are formed by carbon, which is one of the most familiar elements located in this world. Extreme hot and cold temperatures, as a rule, have no effect on this gem, but aid in the creation and formation. These stones are usually found in volcanic areas and require a huge amount of pressure to form them.

Even though the gemstones are created using high pressure within the earth, they often manage to work their way to the surface and are washed by heavy rainfall into nearby creeks and streams. Miners are usually found near locations where diamonds have been discovered. Large mining operations unearth the raw stones from deep within the surface of the earth using explosives or heavy equipment. Canada, Africa, and Australia are leading mining countries with large deposits of these gems.

Diamond Rings are most often thought to be the stone of love and retain sentimental value for many who are presented with them. These fantastic gems are set into earrings, birthstone, engagement and wedding bands. Most often these precious gems are given to the special woman in your life as an engagement or wedding gift. Sometimes these precious stones are imitated by another non-valuable gem called a Zirconia.

Many individuals, who wish to buy this type of ring, know this will be one of the most expensive purchases they will make in their lives. For many men wishing to propose to their special lady, it takes months to decide on which setting and what type and size of stone they would like. Today, engagement and wedding bands are often sold as a set and interlock together symbolizing the union.

This valuable gemstone is available in many cuts, as well as many grades. Brilliance in a diamond is determined by the cut the jeweler applies. When pricing this gem the cut is taken into account, as well as the clarity of the stone. Today, special labs sort and price the raw stone, before they are purchased by the jeweler and placed into the setting.

Other factors that affect the price include color and weight of the stone. Diamonds are measured in units called a carat. The heavier the carat, the larger the stone, and the more expensive it becomes when it comes to buying it.

Needless to say, a little research is required before making a purchase. Most jewelry store now offer all kinds of advice and educational material to assist those considering buying earrings, or necklaces that house these sparkling gems. Diamond rings have such sentimental value that they are used to unite couples for a lifetime. When picking a wedding set, just think of her.