Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms Don’t Necessarily Cause Any Pain

The article lets you know the fact that leaky gut syndrome symptoms don’t cause any pain. Ulcers would, gall bladder problems would, pancreatic inflammation would, diverticulitis would. There are many other things that cause pain. However, if you really think you have leaky gut (of course you should check with your doctor), try these suggestions below.

L-glutamine is excellent for leaky gut, as are EFAs and GLA. Digestive enzymes with HCl are good to use as well, especially when you have candida. The yeasts release their own enzymes, fooling the digestive system into not releasing enough. This leads to poor digestion, which leads to a weaker immune system, which leads to more candida, which leads to more problems.

You should also try to use butter, along with coconut and palm oils, are rich in caprylic and lauric acids, both lethal to candida and other gut pathogens. Butter is also a good source of selenium and vitamin A–both antioxidants needed when you’re fighting infection. If you are sensitive to butter, use ghee. Also, try not to trim off chicken skin or fat from beef or lamb. They all contain certain fatty acids with antimicrobial properties. Lamb fat is particularly rich in palmitoleic acid (as are macadamia nuts), a potent antibacterial acid.

If you’re having trouble digesting fats, add digestive enzymes in or stick to fats/oils which have a high MCT or SCT content like coconut and palm oils. They do not require bile for their digestion and are easily absorbed across the intestinal wall.