What Is the Best Nerf Gun of 2010? The Nerf Stampede of Course

Nerf guns have been a firm favourite with boys for many years now. The Nerf Stampede is one of their latest offerings and it does not disappoint.

Nerf recommend that the stampede ECS blaster is suitable for children over 8 years old. This is mainly because it is quite a big gun so younger children may struggle to hold and use it as it is quite heavy when fully loaded.

The Nerf Stampede lets you launch a full on assault on your opponents. The specially made dart clip system lets you fire rounds of up to 18 darts at a time at your enemies. It is also quick enough to reload mid war.

The handy pop out bipod will help keep the blaster gun more stable for when you need to shoot more accurately and it also comes with a shield to try and protect you from enemy fire. It is particularly useful for protecting your face.

The Nerf Stampede is completely automatic and is able to shoot to a range of about 30 feet (though you may need a bit of practice). Nerf darts are designed to be safe so you don’t injure your opponent though of course you should refrain from shooting at your enemies head or eyes.

As the Nerf N Strike Stampede is fully automatic it needs batteries to work, so it is a good idea to make sure you carry around a few spares in case they run out. If you play outside a lot with your Nerf gun then you may want to stock up on spare darts as you will probably loose a few.

Nerf makes a whole range of guns and it is possible to mix and match some of the parts (although Nerf officially advises against this). There are plenty of websites that show you cool Nerf mods including YouTube.

Of course it is not just children who like to play with Nerf guns. They are also really popular with adults. If you want to add an extra element of fun to a Nerf war why not get some night goggles and play in the dark. (Just remember not to wear glow in the dark clothes or you will make yourself and obvious target).

With many kids choosing to play computer games rather than going outside to play this is a great toy to encourage them to get outside. The Nerf Stampede would make a great christmas present for a boys or (grown ups) and encourages kids to run about and get some exercise.