A George Foreman Grill for Healthy Eating

The purchase of a George Foreman grill can give a significant contribution to your healthy eating habits and you will be able to discover your passion for flavorful, healthy food by cooking with George.

You will be able to find these grills in many stores and you will find also some advice for online purchases at the end of the article.

George Foreman is a famous person who had an illustrious boxing career and then retired in 1977. Later he staged an unexpected comeback when he regained the heavyweight title in 1994 and he kept it for many years until he lost it again to Muhammad Ali.

Salton was inspired by his comeback and decided to brand with his name their new contact grills, called the Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine.

It was a revolutionary idea because grilling was previously done only outdoors, but the new George Coleman grills allowed to move indoors all the advantages of grilling. They required little space and could easily be used in the kitchens.

The George Foreman grill line has continued to expand with new models and until now more than 100 million grills have been sold worldwide.

There are many models and you can choose among many categories such as:

  • Small grills
  • Medium grills
  • Large grills
  • Indoor Outdoor Grills
  • Beyond Grills

You should try to choose a model that is suitable for the number of people you usually cook for. If usually cook for four people, choose the family size George Foreman grills. If you have a smaller family, choose the smaller version.

The George Foreman grilling machines and George Foreman rotisseries are made for healthy eating. They take out all the fat and grease in foods and allow you to have a much healthier diet.

It can be very useful for weight loss. One advice often suggested to people who want to lose weight is to make many small meals per day. A George Foreman grill allows to prepare very fast meals and is therefore very suitable for a multiple meals diet.

Grilling foods is generally much healthier than frying them because the amount of calories and fat that you intake is greatly decreased. When you eat grilled food, you can still enjoy the taste that you love, but in a much healthier way. These grills will help you to lose weight and to decrease your cholesterol levels.

Some of the advantages of George Foreman grills are the following:

  • They cook over twice as fast as conventional cooking methods
  • They channel fat and grease into a separate drip tray for healthier eating
  • They have removable grill plates that can be cleaned in an easy way by hand or in a dishwasher
  • They have a digitally controlled timer and variable temperature control
  • They allow to cook meat, vegetables, extra thick food and sandwiches

If you want to make a gift, consider purchasing a George Foreman grill to give as a gift, it is a good gift choice for those looking to improve their health and eating habits.