The Wise Dream Messages and Your Psychological Transformation

When you analyze the messages sent by the unconscious mind in a dream you understand that these messages come from a wise mind. Dreams are like the chapters of a book. All dreams are very well-organized because they have a clear purpose. They work like psychotherapy.

Each dreamer has dreams about their most important psychological problems, about the person they love, or about another matter very important for them.

When you observe this truth, you cannot but conclude that the unconscious mind is an excellent psychotherapist. The unconscious mind is a superior mind that gives wise advice to all dreamers. Thus, God is alive. God sends wise messages to all dreamers.

You will better verity this truth when you’ll analyze a series of dreams of the same dreamer during several months, and you’ll observe the results of the unconscious treatment.

Here is an example that shows you the progress made by the dreamer thanks to dream therapy. I will post a few sentences from three dreams dreamt by a young man.


‘Hh (he is a violent friend) told me to carry trees away. (these were little trees that I could carry)’

Dream Translation:

Hh represents a mature (masculine) and violent part of your personality.

You represent your ego in dreams.

Trees represent incentives of life. An incentive of life is something that makes you want to be alive, something that gives you joy and hope.

The fact that the violent part of your personality told you to carry the little trees away means that this part of your personality is trying to make your ego have no motivation to live.

This violent part of your personality is very dangerous. It can lead you to suicide if you wont stop being influenced by its violent character.

You need many incentives in life. To carry trees away means to stop believing that you can hope to have a better life.

Violence cannot help you find peace, or believe in something good. When you are violent you can only be constantly nervous and sad. If you are violent you cannot find peace and happiness in life.

You have to learn how to stop liking to be violent because everyone around you is violent. You live in a crazy world, but you must find sound mental health. You cannot be violent like everyone else because you already lost a big portion of your human conscience. You must be afraid of a severe mental illness.


‘Two ways to go home, through city center, or easier road. ( easier road is along a river along the city)’

Dream Translation:

Your home represents your psyche.

The two ways to go home represent two different ways to go to your psyche. The city center represents a dangerous option because the city is a place where you are exposed to many dangers.

The river in dreams represents a challenge.

The easier road along the river represents a road that will help you understand the challenge you have to face in order to fight your anti-conscience and find sound mental health.

You must take the easier road instead of getting involved with the dangers of the city. The easier road is not really easy because you must accept a challenge: cross the river and meet your wild side. However, this challenge will help you eliminate your wild side after verifying its existence.

You must be grateful for learning who you are through dream therapy, and accept this challenge (the road near the river).

This road is better for you than the dangerous road through the city, which you tend to prefer because you like what is violent. You should not prefer to live in a dangerous way. You should prefer the road that will help you discover the truth about yourself.

Right now you are still mentally ill and you cannot understand the benefits of this therapy, but later you will feel that you are a privileged person because you will eliminate all the absurdity from your brain and psyche. So, you will be in a better situation than most people in our world, who have never had psychological problems, but who are constantly influenced by their anti-conscience.

They can be violent without completely losing their mind because they still have a strong human conscience. However, their conscience is always in danger. They can lose their conscience at any time, the same way you suddenly lost a big portion of your conscience.

You will get rid of your dangerous wild side and be free, while other people will always be slaves of their anti-conscience because they don’t follow psychotherapy.

You must accept this challenge with courage and transform your personality now that you are still young, before having more psychological problems. The easier road along the river is not the simplest one because you must accept a challenge, but this road is safe because you are guided by the unconscious mind.


‘At concert hall sit next to abc (rapist) and xy (singer), to my left and right.’

Dream Translation:

The concert represents an important event in your life, which is joyful because music represents joy.

Abc is a mature (masculine) and violent part of your personality that has the absurd behavior of a rapist.

Xy is a feminine (superficial) part of your personality that is enthusiastic because she is a singer. This means that this part of your personality likes to be happy and shows happiness when it sings.

The left side belongs to the anti-conscience and the right side belongs to your human conscience and the unconscious mind.

Thus, Abc was on the left side because he represents a violent part of your personality, while Xy was on the right because she represents a joyful part of your personality, since she is a singer.

This means that you are influeced by the violence of your anti-conscience while your conscience is glad. You shouldn’t be glad with the violence of your anti-conscience.

You have to dislike what is violent instead of feeling pleasure with violence. Violence is destructive. You must be afraid of violence.


‘AA (he is a good guy, very patient) was married I didn’t know that.’

Dream Translation:

AA represents a patient part of your personality. The fact that he was married means that this part of your personality have found its perfect match. Your ego ignored this fact because your ego doesn’t know how to be patient like AA. When your ego will be patient like him, and when you’ll like this part of your personality that is patient (AA), then your ego will find your perfect match too.

Your perfect match is not a violent girl. Your perfect match is a sensitive and intelligent woman. You have to be patient and wise in order to recognize her.

You will meet her in your daily life. The unconscious mind is preparing you to be able to recognize her and evaluate her qualities when you’ll meet your real perfect match. You have to be able to understand how different she is from all the other girls.

‘he’s in our hall, the light is on.’

AA is at the hall, what means that this patient part of your personality is on the entrance of your psyche. Your house represents your psyche.

In other words, the patient part of your personality is about to enter your psyche and become an active part of your personality that defines your behavior.

The light of lamps in dreams represents the false truth, distorted by many lies. Thus, the patient part of your personality is under the light of lies, what means that you cannot really evaluate how precious this part of your personality really is.

You live in a crazy world where everyone is impatient and doesn’t give importance to patience and wisdom. This is why you cannot understand the wisdom of this patient part of your personality. You look at the patient side of your personality under the light of lies of the false world. The world doesn’t understand the importance of patience, but you must understand that patience is a precious tool.

You must understand that you have a superior attitude when you show patience in life. When you are patient you don’t make foolish mistakes. When you are patient you do a perfect job.

When you do things in a hurry you make mistakes. When you want fast results you don’t take all the steps you have to follow until you’ll be able to reach the level you desire. You waste your time because you don’t understand all lessons, instead of evolving like you should.

So, you must learn how to admire this part of your personality that is patient, instead of judging this part of your personality based on the way that the world judges patient people. The world is crazy and works based on violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed.

The world believes that you are silly when you believe that you must wait the necessary time until you may see the results you desire. The world makes you want everything ‘right now’ because this is how the world makes you spend money without thinking twice.

You have to understand that when you are patient you are wise. Patience is wisdom.

You have to wait until a seed will become a flower. Trying to hurry up this process won’t help you understand your reality. You have to be realistic instead of having absurd expectations.

When you are patient you are in fact realistic. Everything needs time to happen. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to prepare an action plan and walk up all the necessary steps until you’ll manage to get to the top.

So, the fact that AA is at the hall and the lights are on means that the patient part of your personality is not inside your psyche yet (but only on the entrance) because you still cannot understand the importance of being patient and gladly accept this part of your personality in your psyche.

You still like to be violent and impatient. You look at the patient part of your personality and you believe that this part of your personality is silly. You still think based on the concepts of the materialistic world.

You must learn how to evaluate the importance of patience, and let the patient part of your personality characterize your behavior.

As you can see the unconscious mind is gradually helping this dreamer eliminate the influence of the negative parts of his personality, which are violent. This dreamer must learn how to be calm and patient.

The unconscious mind treats each case with special attention. All dreams of the same dreamer follow a psychotherapeutical sequence. Each dream teaches something important to the dreamer, helping him accept transforming his personality and learn how to be a wise man, instead of being violent.

The unconscious mind always helps all dreamers learn how to stop being violent, and have a peaceful and wise behavior.

When you observe the lessons of the unconscious mind, you understand that these lessons come from a perfect creature. The unconscious lessons are based on wisdom and sanctity. They help all dreamers find wisdom and peace.

You can discover many important indications that help you verify that the dream messages come from God in a series of dreams dreamt by the same dreamer. A dream collection clearly proves that the unconscious words have a divine origin. They are not empty words based on suppositions. You can verify their seriousness and the real information existent in these words, especially in dreams containing future predictions, or in dreams about the dreamer’s past.

The unconscious mind helps all dreamers become sensitive and wise. The unconscious mind is a saintly doctor. Thus, we have undoubtable proof of God’s existence when we translate the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, which accurately transcribes God’s words in dreams.

My clarifications and simplifications after continuing Jung’s research prove that he really discovered how to decipher God’s symbolic language in dreams. This is why I could understand God’s guidance by using Jung’s method, and learn a lot more.

God is alive and He speaks through dream images, signs of your reality, artistic creations, philosophical thoughts, and religious narrations. You must learn how to understand God’s symbolic language and approach the creator of your planet.

God is also the creator of your human conscience in the brain of a demon. He gave you a human conscience to help you transform the satanic brain you came from into a human brain, which will work based only on human characteristics.

Your dreams help you eliminate what is bad from your brain and psyche and become a wise, sensitive, and pure human being. Your transformation into a perfect human being is a true blessing for you and for everyone around you.

All dream messages contain wise advice, information, and explanations. You only have to respect God’s wisdom and obey His guidance in order to become a better person, and achieve superior goals.