Are You A Candidate For The Big Penis Club? Answer 5 Questions To See If You Can Enlarge Your Penis!

There is only limited space available to join the big penis club! If you do not answer the questions in this article correctly, I’m sorry, you are going to have to wait until the next open house!

I’m just joking!

In all seriousness, there are some questions I have below that if answered correctly, it will certainly ensure that you will be well on your way to being able to increase your penis size naturally, consistently, quickly, and permanently. On the other hand, ignoring what’s in this article could potentially put you on the path to choosing an ineffective enlargement method that will do nothing but cause you side-effects, pain, a disfigured penis, possible diseases, and believe it or not… even more!

So, what will it take to be able to naturally and permanently get a bigger penis erection? It comes down to answering the following questions properly…

Question #1 – Can enlargement pills break down the cells of your penile chambers to cause them to regrow naturally?

Answer – Did you answer no? If so, then congratulate yourself, you are one step closer to making your significant other reach multiple screaming orgasms with you having a gigantic penis size!

Now, the reason I put that question there was to make a point. You see, in order for your penis size to actually increase and get stronger, your penile chambers (the corpora cavernosa chambers and the corpus spongiosum chamber) must have cell division and natural regrowth of those cells. There is no way shape or form can freaking pills do something like this! The only thing that “enhancement” pills do is increase blood circulation… and only having more blood flowing into your penis will JUST make you harder. What good is having more blood flow if your penile chambers are still the same size? See what I mean?

Question #2 – Can extenders naturally and permanently make your penis longer, thicker, and harder?

Answer – Did you answer no, they will only make you longer? If so, then you answered somewhat correctly. Yes, they only work to make you longer, but they certainly are not effective at doing this one and only thing they are designed to do.

Penis extenders are some dangerous tools that I highly recommend you avoid. These tools are marketed as tools that will lengthen your penis. In theory, you would think that they would work… hence the name “extender”, however, this is certainly not completely true. These tools will only “slightly” lengthen your penis, but they will do nothing but cause pain, side-effects, and only slight growth.

Question #3 – Is surgery 100% natural?

Answer – Did you answer no? Well, if you did, then you would be 100% correct. Surgery is by no stretch of the imagination natural… and I highly recommend you avoid undergoing this procedure.

Surgical procedures (phalloplasty) involves implanting tissue into your penile shaft to make it expand. It also involves cutting the ligament of your manhood to try to extend it. Both of these procedures come with a mountain of side-effects (including disfiguration)… and I highly recommend you avoid having this done. Not to mention, having the procedure done can cost up to ten THOUSAND dollars!

Question #4 – If you naturally enlarge your penis, are your results likely to last permanently?

Answer – Did you answer yes? Great! Because it is 100% true! Naturally enlarging your manhood will not only bring about significant results, it will also bring about permanent results as well.

The best natural enlargement method around is penis exercises. With this method, you download a penis exercise program, practice the beginner to advanced exercise routines for 6-10 minutes a day, and within weeks you can have a 7-9 inch erection, stronger orgasms and ejaculate release, no more premature ejaculation, and more.

Question #5 – Does a penis enlargement method have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to be effective?

Answer – Did you answer heck no?! If you did, then you are 100% correct. As you can see from the above, pills, extenders, other tools, and surgery are the most expensive methods around… but yet they are ineffective. When you take something that is 100% natural and guaranteed effective like penis exercises, the programs cost less than dinner and a movie for you and your significant other.

Bottom line, natural male enhancement is the way forward. If you want to not only enlarge your penis size substantially, but also develop extra benefits (like being able to last for a long time during sex), then you would only be doing yourself good by going the natural route. This is the route I chose (after failing with other unnatural methods), and I am now packing a 7 1/2 inch penis size, a bigger flaccid size, more girth, and even more benefits… and as of the date of this article, I completed my program over a year ago… which proves the “PERMANENT” results claim.