How to Recondition a Battery – Sulfation is the Enemy of Lead-Acid Type Batteries

If you’re like most of us, you know how much of an expense and inconvenience a dead battery can be.  By the time you pay for a tow truck to come and boost  or replace your battery, plus any lost earnings that you may have incurred, you can see that the costs quickly add up.  And while being able to recondition a dead battery may not solve your immediate problems,  it can definitely eliminate the expense of buying a new battery.  Plus, if you’re so inclined, you can turn it into a very profitable business.  And the best part is that it’s very easy and inexpensive.

Automotive lead-acid batteries generate electricity by using lead plates surrounded by sulfuric acid.  Along with electricity, this double sulfate reaction also produces lead sulfate. 

Normally in a healthy battery, the lead sulfate is converted back to lead and sulfuric acid when it is recharged.  But in an older battery, or one that’s been discharged for a long period of time, the lead sulfate changes to a crystalline form.  It then coats the lead plates of the battery and reduces the capacity of the battery.  This process is known as sulfation, and is a normal occurrence in lead-acid batteries.  It’s also one of the most common reasons that these batteries fail.

When sulfation happens, it causes a host of problems within the battery.  It’s responsible for lowered capacity, longer recharge times, higher working temperatures, and increased corrosion.

The good news is that sulfation can often times be reversed.  A specialized battery charger that pulses a high current through the battery is often used.  This allows the crystalline lead sulfate to be broken down and turned back into lead and sulfuric acid, thus cleaning the lead plates and regaining charge capacity.

So before you throw that battery away, you should look into battery reconditioning as a way to save it.  And if you’re interested, you can also earn a substantial amount of money by reconditioning free dead batteries, and then reselling them.  A very small investment for a very large return!