Spirit Prophecies and the Dark Mountains

With full memory of my reincarnation and of coming back into a new life there are many things that came with me that are worth relating. The first is my knowledge that there is no heaven and hell and that there is only one spiritual creator. That means no devil, angels or saints and certainly no prophets up there reigning as kings and doing favors for their followers.

Spirit has no buildings, no need for commerce, and no visible presence and yet it can be felt and communication directly with it is possible. It does not support man-made power or religious lies and laid out its plan for the world in ancient prophecies. These are contained mostly in the Old Testament where they remain almost intact.

Alternate divine figures arose from sun worship as people went to the mountains to see the sun’s rays break apart into many colours. This was great magic and power, according to the intelligence of the time. Such power had to be a god and the worship of that as the Mother God began. She was called ‘Ma-r-i’ or ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and this is the same as ‘Mary’ for the Catholic proclaimed ‘Mother of God’.

Such a phenomenon is still practiced in countries like Japan and India where very high mountains are climbed by worshippers. Tibet and Nepal grew due to sun worship on its peaks and Jerusalem is also a city on a mountain top. The seven colours of the rainbow led to cities being positioned on seven mountains, such as Rome.

On mountain peaks religions developed that are, in turn, called ‘mountains’ in prophecy. In fact, they are referred to as the ‘dark mountains’ and the Spirit warned strongly against them. But it was told therein that in the last days the ‘mountain of God’ would be established in the top of the mountains. That means that it will take precedent over them.