How Many People in California Have a CPR Certification?

With the best of our knowledge Cal Safety, the American Heart Association and others have only about 2% of adults are CPR certified in California. Over 13% of people in California smoke cigarettes. What’s wrong with this picture? Something as serious as saving a life should be taken more serious don’t you think?

Over 1 billion people smoke cigarettes and maybe only 1/5,000 percent of people are CPR certified in the entire World. We teach our students about things that happen thousands of years ago,but we don’t require anything upon graduation in life saving skills that 99. 9% of them would use at sometime in their lives! Lets get this started right here in California and CPR Certify all children by the age of 14 and set an example for the rest of America and maybe even the World!

Please help teach our kids CPR and First Aid in California by supporting these type of programs. When its time for you to take a CPR and First Aid class make sure to select a program that updates their material to keep up with all changes in basic emergency care. CPR and First Aid classes are best taught by experienced Emergency Medical Professionals who have been trained and have responded to emergency situations.

Make sure that the CPR and First Aid programs you select meets the requirements and complies with all of these respected agency’s: Meets OSHA Requirements, California State Emergency Services, Authority Journal of the American Medical Association. Maybe the life you save will be someone you love!