Soft Sex

Present age is the age of the software. Except for the hardware needed to run the software there is nothing hard about it. There is nothing manual about it. It saves you a lot of inconveniences and a lot of hassles and a whale of time. It organizes you like never before and your physical location has just no bearing on it. You are the master of yourself anytime anywhere thanks to the revolutionary software programs.

You are familiar with hard copies and soft copies. With hard copies it’s always inconvenient. You have to take out the print outs physically and manually. You have to bunch them, punch them and sign them. Then you have to envelope them and bump them off physically to the destinations intended. All very manual indeed. With soft copies you can keep them anywhere and send them anywhere. No manual labor involved at all and all instantly.

With your physical banks and bank accounts you have to trudge up all the way to access and transact. All very manual indeed. With your soft or dematerialized accounts you can access and transact instantly your physical location being immaterial.

Enjoying movies too there is the hard way and the soft way. The hard way involves you driving your physical car to the physical theatre, buy physical tickets and sit physically in the designated seat. All very manual indeed. With the soft way you can bring the movie to where you are instantly and enjoy it anytime you want.

The soft way also enables you to meet your friends, colleagues and partners without having to move around, drop around and peep around. Mailing-chatting-conferencing is all manual you have to do.

The software explosion veritably can revolutionize your life in every way. It can very well handle all the biological needs and compulsions too of mankind. You can have all the benefits and pleasures while in an absolutely stationary position. Without doing anything manual. It can also solve the eternal human problems of incontinence, envy, quarrels, adultery, joyless wedlock, padlocks, live-ins, live-offs and, the list goes on. It can also cure the net of voyeurism, perversion, hackers and fraudsters.

Of course, the ‘progeny’ syndrome needs serious introspection. Or can we have soft babies too?

Well, anything is feasible in this world of the software progression.