How to Get Your Dental Laboratory Diploma

Typically the dental tech school will be found at your local community colleges and technical schools. It is an associates degree, which means it only takes 2 years. Like most programs it requires all the normal general education classes, however unlike most medical fields you don’t have to take excess math or sciences. (besides the dental ones)

Besides all the expected classes you will be required to take semesters full of dental lab technician courses. Typically these will include fixed prosthodontics, dentures, removable dentures, and orthodontics. Although this sounds intimidating at first the program is designed with you having no prior knowledge. You will start slow and progress as you go. In your second semester your are expected to be somewhat more knowledgeable and quicker. You take the next step up of classes which will continue to go further in depth.

When you begin your final year you will immediately notice how much more freedom you have. Really Orthodontics is the only standard class you’ll be taking. The other time will allow you to work on a set number of projects. You will be given due dates and schedules to follow, much like you would in real life. The same holds true for the second semester, except this time you will have the option of finding an externship at a local dental lab. If you so choose to do so it will require 18 hours per week of your time, but it is a great investment in becoming a dental laboratory technician.

Once you finish up with dental tech school you will take your recognized graduate exam. It is advised to do well on this as being recognized is certainly rare in the field. Another rare achievement, often referred to as the highest in the industry, is becoming certified. To do this you must become proficient at a speciality, whether it be dentures or orthodontics, the choice is yours. However you must be fast enough to complete all your tasks during the exam. Being certified is often required to own a lab, which is the ultimate goal of many techs.

Additional tips:

When buying instruments for your career always make sure to check eBay, often times labs will sell their used equipment for cheap. This will save you a lot of money up front, dental supplies are never cheap. Also check Amazon and eBay for books, I did this and saved hundreds of dollars over my schools bookstore.