Top 3 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Tips for You to Be a Persuasive and Dynamic Speaker

Here are the top 3 presentation skills and public speaking tips that will guide you to becoming a powerful, persuasive and dynamic public speaker.

1. BE A DYNAMIC SPEAKER – well, duhhhh, right? But here’s how…
If I could offer only one piece of advice, it would be PASSION! Passion is at the heart of great public speaking and presentation skills.

Just as real estate’s first three rules are location, location, location, speaking’s first three are passion, passion, passion.

a. Pick a subject for which you have great, passionate feeling. Even if it’s accounting, identify, articulate and feel your passion for accounting and speak about it.

If you must speak about something for which you aren’t passionate, first try not to, but if you must, tell a story of passion (and humor) that is related to or associated with your subject.

b. Access the great positive meaning to you in your subject-meaning that is likely to be shared by others; not meaning that is unique to you.

c. Then don’t “talk” about your passion. Don’t describe anything. LIVE and share your passion through stories and anecdotes, actively, vividly and intensely experiencing the story in your imagination, heart, soul and body. Feel your story and it’s great meaning I your entire spiritual and physiological being. Literally. Feel it. Then express it with your entire being.

d. Facts, figures, opinion, data, narrative are most often useless. Limit them as much as possible. Use them only and briefly as supporting evidence, not as a main storyline.

The second presentation skills tip: PRESENCE!!!
Presence is as important as passion. When you are wholly present in the moment with us, with yourself, and with your passion for your message: WOW!!! We will be captivated.

a. We perfect presence through meditation. Meditate! As a practice and in mini-moments throughout the day. Constantly check in with yourself and ask yourself if you are wholly present in the moment with whatever your #1 priority is or should be in that moment.

b. Presence is the foundation of all good things in life: mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, relationships (with ourselves, others and God), Peak Performance, public speaking, etc. c. And, again, meditation is the pathway to presence.

The third most important presentation skills tip for effective presentations: STORIES!

a. Don’t “tell” stories. Actively, passionately live the story in the moment, in your imagination, then share your experience with the audience through your voice, words and, most importantly, your body (arms, hands, legs, face, etc).

b. Stories must be about meaning, purpose, with conflict and obstacles

c. You should not be the hero of your story. Play, at most, a co-staring role.

d. Live the story vividly in your imagination as you tell it. See, hear and feel that action

e. Limit or eliminate stats and numbers.

f. If you must use numbers, humanize it. For example, telling you that 50,000 people a year die from heart disease (or whatever the real number is), leaves you cold. However, sharing a story of the pain of one person or family because of heart disease can, if told well, profoundly move you.

There you have it. The top 3 of fifteen tips for powerful, persuasive and dynamic public speaking and presentation skills.