Super Bowl and Auto Insurance: The Safety Connection

As football fans all across the nation eye the Sunday, February 5th date with excited anticipation, the insurance industry has the day marked heavily in red as well. While there certainly are plenty of sports enthusiasts among the companies and agencies, there’s another reason for the circled calendar date – and it’s as valid as they come.

“Sports fans everywhere are bound to participate in the nationally broadcast event. Whether in real time at the Houston, TX stadium or by watching the games together with friends and or family at parties, bars or restaurants, you can be sure there will be a lot of camaraderie, along with food and drinks – including the alcoholic kind. That’s where the worry sets in,” comments one car insurance specialist.

Of course what this agent and others like him refer to in regard to the big national football league playoffs is that sometime following a great deal of alcoholic beverage drinking, fans will be making their way back home, with many drinkers the ones behind the wheel and responsible for their own life as well as the lives of their passengers and other motorists on the road.

“Studies indicate that party-goers who drink are involved in many road fatalities, injuries and damages,” reveals the same auto coverage expert. “And not only is that bad news for those that operate all forms of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and so on, but also for those that write the policies that insure them.”

But with the bad news comes the good news!

Within the commercial world connected to the indemnity industry there is auto coverage that offers protective services for the insured motorist that does not want to or should not drive back home from a party. These free bonuses to policyholders include free taxi, car service or ride-sharing company drives back home for participating auto or auto/boat/homeowner bundled insurance members via payment compensation with a receipt.

With this amazing offer, come other ideas that vehicle drivers as well as party hosts would do well to follow.

Three Smart Tips for the Sports Event Party Goer and Party Host

• Fans who intend to drink alcoholic beverages at a sports gathering should be proactive with safety BEFORE participating in the social celebrations by appointing another driver who will not be drinking to do the driving and transporting back home.
• In general, those hosting the parties are not off the hook in regard to responsibility and liability. These hosts are advised to publicize the contact information of neighborhood taxis and car services, so that drivers have an alternative to getting home.
• Offerings at the sports or other such parties where alcohol is served should also include food and non-alcoholic drinks.
For more on insurance benefits that include taxi service home from alcohol-serving gatherings, contact an experienced independent insurance agent.

Oh yes, and after making the necessary arrangements, don’t forget to enjoy the game!