Study Tips for a CBSE Learner

Examination time is always a time to study hard to score better marks. It is that time of the year, when all the students look for tips and suggestions to improve their memory and understanding of the subjects. Most of the students study in the last minute to prepare for their exams. CBSE exams bring with it a new pattern, weightage and newer scoring methods.

Given below are a few last minute studying/revision tips for students.

1. Make people in your home aware of your exams, dates, subjects. This will help in reducing distractions and give you time to study in peace.

2. Prepare a time table to accommodate all your subjects and topics.

3. Solve sample papers which are available to get an idea of the weightage, allocation of marks, pattern of the paper.

4. Solve previous years question papers to get a clear understanding of the type of questions and the methods by which you can answer them.

5. Take breaks while studying. You will not be able to concentrate if you study non-stop. Taking breaks will allow your mind to relax.

6. Study at a time which is convenient to you. Start early in the morning, when the mind is fresh or late at night when your mind is relaxed. There should be no external distractions.

7. Once you finish your studies/revision of a particular chapter, ask yourself questions about the dates and events in the chapter. This will help in ascertaining your level of understanding of the chapter.

8. Come up with mnemonics. This is a simpler way of memorizing certain terms or events. You can use them to memorize answers.

9. Have small group study sessions wherein you and your friends can revise a chapter/subject. This will help all of you learn better. Have question and answer sessions, whereby questions can be asked and answered by each one of them. Repetitive answering will help in memorizing.

10. Make notes/highlight important points, dates and events. This will make an imprint in your brain.

11. Eat well. Most students face pre-exam anxiety and thereby under-eat or over-eat. Eating the wrong way is not going to help concentrate better. A well-balanced diet is advisable for a healthy body and mind.

12. Sleep well. Loosing sleep over studies will only make you dull and lethargic. A sound sleep aids in better learning.

Following a structure and a few simple tips will help you achieve better grades in exams.