Top 3 Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Off-Road Vehicles

Like clothes, we either outgrow or put some miles on our off-road vehicles to the point that we need to purchase new ones. Using our investment of the previously used “toy”, we usually sell it to come up with a down payment for the purchase of our next new investment. To make the most off of that sale, these three suggestions will increase that potential – giving you more down payment toward your next exciting thrill with wheels.

1. Make a small investment in some graphic decals for your unit. These are a relatively inexpensive upgrade to improve or jazz up the appearance of your already awesome off-road vehicle. Graphic decals come in kits made to the specific measurements of your exact off-road unit, in a variety of unique and exciting designs. When applied to the exterior of your unit it creates a custom look that usually attracts the attention of others. These sticker kits can be found online or in the phone book. Decal sets are made for all sorts of units: UTV’s, ATV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles. Depending on the quality of the decals, they are usually made of durable vinyl material that can be easily applied. They last through a good deal of use. So, invest in them while you have some time to enjoy them yourself before you sell the unit. Watch and see how much attention it attracts from others. It will increase your confidence in asking a higher price when you are ready to sell.

2. Keep your unit clean. Washing and towel drying any UTV or dirt bike, for example, after each use of it in dirt trails will help ensure that foreign particles don’t get inside the various engine parts. These foreign particles can cause potential building up of foreign substances and clog the several lines and inner workings of your motor. Especially since oil is a necessary part of any working engine, when it combines with dirt and sand it becomes harder to keep your engine working at its optimum ability. Keeping your unit free of these natural, yet foreign, particles will help keep your unit in great working condition for your own enjoyment, as well as for an optimal resale price.

3. Maintain your unit with the proper care required. This too will ensure that the engine, breaks, lights, etc. keep working and in excellent condition. Change the engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze according to manufacturer’s specifications. Fix and replace any broken parts as needed. Keeping up with all the various components of your unit will not only keep it working for you to enjoy, but also make it easier for you to put it on the resale market when you are ready. Instead of spending a good deal of time cleaning and repairing a unit just to put it up for sale, spend that time here and there as needed as you use it.

Selling a UTV, ATV, dirt bike or snowmobile does not have to be a challenging process when you simply take care of it along the way of its lifetime and use with you. Spend less money and time on ads or for sale signs, and put that money into taking care of your unit the way you would want someone else to take care of it before you purchase it. This helps the unit sell itself when you are ready to resale it. Many times I have sold the very unit that I am currently using, but ready to sell, because I mention my desire for a newer unit and another person has already noticed the good condition of mine. Others can tell when an off-road vehicle has been taken care of well or not, and it increases their confidence to purchase it at the price you know it’s worth.