Quantum Physics And The Occult Writer

Have you ever wondered, as I have, where the ideas from books come from. How magically a Sci-Fi writer describes life on another planet or another dimension.

Where does an horror story writer get his demons and monsters from? Where did “Jaws” come from?

Many of the turn of the century writers like Bram Stoker (Dracula); Shelly (Frankenstien); J.C. Lovecraft etc. took their story ideas from the mythologies and folklore available to them. Werewolves, probably came from the legends of shape-shifters in Norse Mythology.

Where did Jules Verne get his ideas of Space travel? Rockets? Submarines? Time Travel?

Being a writer myself, I ponder over these questions many times while I look at my blank piece of paper with pen in hand.

The Age of Aquarius has introduced us to the Laws of Quantum Physics. This tells us that there exists an infinite Ocean of intelligent thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in this Quantum Ocean, that we can also call the Mind of God. There is no past, present nor future. There is only the NOW.

Therefore, we can conclude every idea that these writers have was pulled out of the Quantum Ocean.

All the mythologies and folk tales exist and have existed in the Quantum Ocean. The writer built a resonant frequency through his/her thoughts and desires to write such and such a book and the energy exchange took place.

The idea for space travel, rocket flights, submarines exited in the Quantum Ocean and Jules Verne tuned in and received the information.

Or maybe the information was ready to ‘blink out” of the Quantum Ocean into physical reality and one of two things could have happened. The writer, inventor spent so much thought and emotion on the idea that through the Laws of Resonant Frequency he/she attraced it.

Or by some kind of Divine timing plan, which we as mortals, do not understand the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, sought out a mind that had the ability to understand the idea, story, concept or invention and it shot out an inspirational lightening bolt planting the ideas, etc. in the mind of that person.

Robert Louis Stevenson said that while he was walking along the beach, a story idea kept flashing into his mind. He ran and got his pad and pen and wrote ‘Treasure Island’ in one sitting. He said it was as if someone was telling him the story as he wrote it. There are many stories of writers and inventors who have had similar experiences.

I, myself, when I wrote my children’s stories sometimes moved my fingers so fast over the keyboard, that afterwards I had to read what it was I had written.

The enigma with writers and inventors, which came first, the “chicken or the egg”

Or did the mind of the writer or inventor attract the information out of the Quantum Ocean. Or did the Quantum Ocean seek out a Harmonious writer, inventor and plant the idea in their mind.

I can understand where the ideas for Myths and Folklore stories come from. But where does an idea for a story like ‘Chucky’, “Saw”, “Halloween”, and “Friday the 13th”come from?

Obviously these came from the Quantum Ocean also. It is from the Mind of God, but we can assume that is is the “Dark Side” of the Mind of God.

These horror ideas are there, but should they be tapped into and made manifest in films and books. All is balance. And when I go to my local Video store, there seems to be an IMBALANCE, ie. more and more of the horror film genre rather than films of an inspirational or spiritual vent.

Not every idea or invention that a man CAN do, SHOULD be done. The question should be asked, “I can do this, but SHOULD I?” Einstein should have never given the world the secrets of Atomic energy. Yes it gives us electricity, but look at the terror of the A bomb. Think of the people it has killed, and the millions who live in fear that it will kill and maime again.

We are just now understanding the ill effects of Horror, Fear, and Terror and their effects on humans. Why would we want to see or read about things that make us sick.

What kind of writer is it who attracts these Horror stories out of the Quantum Ocean. What kind of mind does the Dark Side of the Quantum Ocean seek out to give these Horror stories to? The answer may like in the timing. Every thing in life is cylical. It is the changing of two great eras, the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius and there is always a 2 -3 hundred year overlap when it is neither one nor the other.

It is a time of Chaos, a time of Kali Yuga. It is an Iron age; a Wolf Age.

Perhaps, through some Divine plan, these Dark energies are released from the Quantum Ocean, at set intervals in the evolution of Earth and man, for the purpose of bringing about the end of an Age. The Gates of Hell are opened for a time to speed up the process.