Enjoying Familiar Flavors With Chicken Tapa

If you are a fan of beef tapa and are quite fond of having some for breakfast, you may want to try this chicken breakfast tapa for a change. It may not be as famous as its beef counterpart, but it can definitely serve as an interesting and healthier alternative. Like the usual chicken meat that you find in the market, chicken tapa is brimming with nutrients that can surely make you and your family healthy.

Why Try Some Chicken Tapa

It has some health benefits for you and your family, and mostly because of its main ingredient – chicken. Chicken is a great source of protein, which helps in muscle development and growth. It is true that tapa is cured meat which means that you run the risk of consuming more sodium than the daily limits, but if taken in moderation, it can help support body weight goals because the meat is typically lean. This cured meat is also healthy for the bones as it contains phosphorus.

The meat used for this Filipino favorite contains amino acids called tryptophan. These substances are responsible for that comforting feeling you get right after having some good old chicken soup. In fact, some studies show that eating poultry, or anything that contains tryptophan, will help increase the levels of serotonin – the happy hormones – in your brain. This can result to better moods, and at times, they can even help you relieve stress. This is why some experts claim that it can act as a natural form of anti-depressant.

Preparing the Dishes

There are two main ways to prepare chicken tapa. You can try the conventional method if you are quite in a hurry, and the grilling method if you want something a bit more special.

The conventional method will require you to fry the chicken meat in the same way as you would fry beef tapa. You just have to make sure that the pan is hot enough for cooking so as not to leave other parts of the meat uncooked. Frying using low to medium flame is especially recommended. Keep in mind that you will need to let the tapa marinade evaporate before the oil can do its job as a frying agent.

Grilling chicken tapa can serve as a healthy alternative for the frying method. If you want a great burst of flavor to tickle the palette, you may marinate the tapa for a longer period. Brushing them with this marinade while grilling can also be helpful.

Good Food for Better Family Moments

If you are looking forward to a tapsilog breakfast but you want something a bit different, try Chicken Tapa and make each bonding moment with your family more special with this delicious viand.