Soy Wax – What Is It and Why Use Soy Wax Candles

There are many different kinds of candles on the market today. But there is one type of candle that is standing out from the rest, and that is candles made from soy wax. You may ask what this wax is and how can you burn wax made from soy and what is the difference between soy wax and other waxes.

Well first lets find what is soy wax made form. Basically, it is made from soybean and broken down through a process. But there are a few great thing about soy wax that you may not know. When you use soy wax candles, you are actually helping farmers from all around the world. Since it is made from the soybean, the farmers need to grow these crops which it good for most economies and of course the farmers.

You see, traditional candles are made from paraffin wax which are derived from petroleum oil, where they scrap the bottom of the oil barrels’, put that through a process and out comes these toxic paraffin wax candles. As you can imagine, when burning paraffin candles you are actually burning processed oil which emits chemicals’ and toxins into the air that you breath, only masked by the fragrance that was put into the wax.

Candles made form soy wax on the other hand, are chemically free and don’t release toxins into the air we breathe. Making it healthier not only for us, but for the environment as well. Some candles lovers may say what about the wick, as some use paraffin based or dipped wicks containing lead, which as we know when burnt, gives off chemicals. So make sure that the company you buy the candles from use cotton wicks, as these do not release harmful chemicals when burnt.

Although soy candles may be higher in price to purchase, you are ensured that they will be 100% natural, non-toxic, better for the environment and yourself, have lower burning temperatures which is great when for when using around children, and if spilt, much easier to clean off, simply by washing with hot soapy water.

Remember to look for candles that are made from soy wax. This way you know that you won’t be burning and releasing toxins into the air, harming the environment, yourself and others around you, and be helping the farmers as well, not the oil companies.

So when you next decide to burn a candle in your home, just make sure that they are quality soy candles.