HTML to Joomla Template

HTML to Joomla

Every time a user browses across the internet, he/she may come across a number of beautifully created HTML web pages, most of which are free of cost. Then why would someone think of spending some bucks for converting the HTML website to Joomla? Is it worth the money and effort? Yes, one can easily switch over to Joomla and reap rich dividends.

Why HTML to Joomla?

Before proceeding for HTML to Joomla migration, we must make it clear about the need for such a conversion, in the first place.

· One can get rid of the static look of the HTML web pages by the help of user interactive modules, login and feedback forms, content and image galleries and much more. With zillions of websites over the internet, to have a competitive edge over others, constant makeover of the website is required. This is an uphill task when the concerned website is an HTML one.

· HTML websites require a lot of expertise to create and maintain it. A non technical user is always in the lookout for a professional to bring about small corrections in the web post. This excessive dependency not only costs the user but also compromises with the privacy of the website.

Advantages of Joomla website

If one goes deep analysing the benefits of Joomla over HTML, he/she would not have a second thought about questioning the conversion process. Here are few of the major advantages one is expected to enjoy from Joomla based websites:

· Easily alter the look of the website in minutes, by simply changing the numerous themes available. No extra coding for that purpose is necessary. It’s a major advantage for non technical users.

· Adding new pages, menu, images, editing existing ones and updating them is very easy. Anyone can do it on your own and thus the need for professional help is ruled out. This also ensures greater control over the website than in case of HTML websites.

It is very hassle free to use and maintain Joomla websites. But when it comes to converting an HTML website to Joomla, caution must be applied. It’s because, without prior expertise and through knowledge about the conversion, there are chances of loss of contents of the existing HTML website. So the primary motive during the migration must be to ensure the safety of the website contents and have a proper backup of it.

If you face any difficulty while conversion or are not confident enough to successfully carry out this, then you can ask for assistance to any of the service provider over the Internet, who would certainly lend a helping hand and resolve the matter.