How to Store Towable Inflatable Tubes

When the warm weather has passed and its time for you to store your towable inflatable tubes for the winter how do you do it properly? There are only three things for you to really keep in mind so that they’ll be safe and ready for you to use next summer.

The first thing you want to check for is water. Any moisture at all will give you a world of problems so you want to make sure the entire tube is bone dry. If there is any moisture inside mold will grow, and mold is a problem no one wants to deal with. Not only will it smell awful, but it’s not just a simple “wipe it clean” type of job, the mold could eat away at your towable, causing it to rot to the point it would be unrepairable. Making sure it’s very dry before storing it is the most important part.

The inner lining that holds all of the air in is the most important part of the tube. If you leave any air in there it could expand in warm temperatures and damage the lining, which would then cause you problems next summer. Make sure all of the air gets out of here completely.

The last thing, which a lot of people don’t really think about, is making sure there is no direct sunlight where you’ll be storing your towable. The sunlight, over time, will damage the outside and not only cause a loss of color on the outside, but make the material weak, leading to possibly unrepairable problems.

So, in summary, make sure it’s dry, make sure there is no air inside of it, and make sure there is no direct sunlight where you’ll be storing it. And, of course, make sure that wherever you place it, there are no nails or other things that will scratch a whole–I generally recommend placing it in a box or somewhere you’re sure a stray animal won’t come in and lay on it, scratching it with it’s nails.

With all of that in mind you’re ready to store your towable inflatable tubes until the weather warms up again.