5 Types of Gothic Shoes

The gothic fashion style has become tremendously popular in recent years. Initially an underground style that was only worn by a few, this style has become very fashion forward as it has moved into the mainstream. Many people find it fun to dress using this style sporadically while others have integrated many aspects of the look into their daily wear. This style integrates a few basic elements of many different styles, which creates a truly unique look. Using aspects of leather wear, Victorian aesthetics, and punk, the look has both high and low end cultural aspects to it. Footwear has become one of the areas that is used by adherents and dabblers alike.

Boots. For both men and women, boots are a very popular look. Goth boots have a great look that is very industrial look with a bit of style thrown in. These boots are usually especially long up the length of leg and have very pronounced buckles and straps. The leather is usually very glossy and the base of the foot has thick treads.

Platforms. In almost any form of shoe, boot or otherwise, platforms are extremely popular in this style. These are made with thick rubber and add a few inches of lift. The lift is not a heel, however. The lift is flat and allows the wearer to walk as they normally do without much discomfort. The extra height adds more to the wearer’s appearance and increases the length of the leg in a subtle way.

Victorian. These model of shoes, usually women’s shoes, these products try to imitate the look of the Victorian style through very delicate design that is especially ornate in appearance. Unlike the Victorian aesthetic however, these products are jet black.

Men’s Shoes. For men, Gothic shoes are much more subtle than their female counterparts. They can still be just as large of a statement. Often many times these products imitate older styles from the 20s and other eras, but they still retain the dark leather and bright stainless steel.

Fun Sneakers. The Goth style often integrates images of death, skeletons, and other macabre images. Sneakers, slip-ons, and other basic styles of shoes for Goth styles have been altered with these images, again featuring the dark colors fitting to this style.

Each of these styles can be integrated into many other looks so they can be fun to play around with even for those who aren’t completely Goth. However, it may end up being a quick step into completely converting to this fun look.