Variable Speed Chi Machine – A Review

A chi exercise machine or Chi vitalizer is a machine that is a result of 38 years of studies, experiment and development. It is a FDA approved medical device in America in the class I category and also in several other advanced countries. The device works by the principle that exercise in pelvic regions can impart the sideways oscillation of the pelvis leading to oxygenate the body via the passive aerobic exercise.

The machine has a box-like structure with an ankle cradle i.e. a place to keep the ankles. Vibrations are electrically motivated at the rate of 140 oscillations per minute, although we now posses a variable speed machine that has 80-160 oscillations per minute.


The device is designed to be used when lying down and placing one’s ankles on the cradles and switching the machine on for a 4-6 minutes stretch. Chi machine reviews point to the fact that after turning the machine off, one can feel the flow of energy from the lower part of the body towards the upper. Oscillations are controllable by the user via a tuning procedure according to the perfect matching speed for your body type & level of intensity. One can place their hands beside or over the head in order to engage more muscles.


Historically chi devices were invented by a Japanese engineer named Keiichi Ohashi, in 1988, although the idea is said to of a Japanese scientist Dr. Shizuo Inoue. In Japan, this exercise is known as ‘the goldfish exercise’. There are innumerable studies and experiments that have proved the effectiveness of the chi exercise machines.

How they help

The machine can help people in too many ways to tell. It increases flexibility, relieves swollen ankles, eliminates lymphedema, heals back pain, lowers high blood pressure. This is a genine and powerful body massaging technique that heals nervous system, strengthens immunity and helps our body in a thousand different ways.

Popular characteristics that are offered by the chi machines are
Provides lymphatic massage and thus removing toxicity of the body
Constructs a good spinal alignment and poor posture correction
Increases blood circulation through the body, blood cell production and bone marrow activities.

Delivers more oxygen to the lungs and thereby increasing energy-level, activity, ability and mental focus

Reduces nerve pain and muscle fatigue, resulting to relief of pain debilitation

Produces a fine tuning of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), relieving insomnia, digestive problems and constipation

However, being the best in the market has its own disadvantages. Thesemachines are so popular that many dishonest organizations have adopted this as a way of making money; by imitating the devices. The green symbol on the chi machine depicts genuineness. So a last word of caution: pay attention when you buy.