Indium – New Mineral Discovery of the 21st Century

Indium is the newest mineral discovery of the 21st century. It raises the amount of minerals a gland can absorb and is a nutritional breakthrough in glandular performance. Indium is the #49th mineral on the periodic table of 100 elements, and is considered to be the “missing link, unifying and catalyzing the largest two mineral groups usable in the human body, correcting multiple mineral deficiencies.

Dr Henry Alfred Schroeder, MD, a toxicologist reported that Indium improved the absorption of minerals from 60% to 694%. In fact he deduced that levels of minerals in the major human organs are proportional to and dependent upon the rare and hard to absorb trace mineral Indium. This study was continued by inventor/discoverer George A. H. Bonadio, a well respected businessman and health lecturer in up state New York, who later patented Indium in the absorbable form Indiumease. Bonadio discovered that Indium was not just “anti cancerous “as Schroeder had assumed, but he proved that INDIUM had given the mice 26% fewer cancers and 42% fewer malignant tumours over the 500 day mice life span, and that the mice had lived on the average 7% longer than the controls. He discovered that INDIUM had an as yet unidentified anti-carcinogenic, anti-cancer function and anti-aging factor.

From Schroeder’s mineral absorption figures Bonadio theorized that Indium might also enhance large intestine absorption of minerals which translates into INDIUM allowing greater DNA demanded glandular mineral uptake and function. During 25 years of research and study Bonadio isolated Indium Sulphate as the best non-toxic form of Indium.

Bonadio reports that Indium supplementation reduced Alzheimer tremors (30%-80%in 10days). He declared that Indium normalizes the pituitary-hypothalamus master glands regulating all endocrine gland systems in the body, balancing dozens of hormones, Human Growth Hormone, DHEA and many steroids. In fact Indium’s cancer preventing effects may be much higher than Schroeder first thought.

The first effect people on Indium supplementation, report is better sleep and recuperation, better attitude, vision, hearing, and mobility. Food is being better absorbed, mineral reserves are accumulating, body fitness improves and the body/mind/spirit is on a high performance. The good feeling people experience, dispels anxiety and depression, as well being and self confidence improve, characterised by thinking, seeing, hearing and moving progressively better.

Indium improved Parkinson’s speech and motor skills (30%) over controls, improving memory and stamina. Indium has been reported to get rid of dandruff, improve hair growth and gradually reduce greying hair.

Indium may improve visual acuity and lesson glaucoma eye ball pressure. It is reported to improve fine circulation lesson blood viscosity, plaque and cholesterol on artery wall deposits, varicose veins slowly regain normalcy and skin texture.

Indium is reported to help libido and sex life in both genders and defines gender dominance.

It may regulate the menses cycle and may lesson menopause hot flashes and night sweats.

Dr. Lyons reported Indium supplementation gave less thymus cancers, carcinogenic metastases and bone cancers. Indium also reduced terminal cancer pains and lowered needed pain medications.

Because Indium is a systematic gland rebuilder and hormone enhancer, it restores thyroid and liver hormones, improves metabolism of calories, lessens deposits of fat and creates leaner muscle mass.

By raising overall body/mind/spirit/energy level, Indium indirectly stimulates activity and exercise, which help improve circulation and oxygenation, promotes calorie burning and muscle tone, detoxification, overall physical fitness, active lifestyle, positive mental attitude and progressive outlook.

Nutritionists know chromium enhances pancreatic hormone insulin that regulates muscle building protein and carbohydrate energy and storage removing blood sugar and artery fats. INDIUM raises Chromium performance 333% in several endocrine glands, better precursing the “Glucose Tolerance Factor “insulin which lowers high blood sugar, hypoglycemia, and lessens insulin dependence shots in type 2 adult-onset diabetes(80%-100% in 1-3 weeks)

Bonadio declared that twenty years from now Indium will be declared the critical missing link element “essential for health” and supplementation will be required to ward off certain problems like glaucoma blindness, heart attacks, brain strokes, type-2 diabetes, and would be required for athletes to break world records in power, speed and endurance.