Hair Transplants For Women?

When you experience hair loss, the last thing you may want to think about is a hair transplant; the thought of needles and hospitals just makes you ill, besides, they’re only for men right? And, you have other options available to you such as Minoxidil and others that may re-grow some or most of the hair you have lost.

But perhaps your situation is different. Maybe your doctor has eliminated all potential medical causes, you have tried medications that did produce results to your satisfaction and your condition is considered permanent. At any rate, you are at the end of the road trying to re-grow your hair, you long for the return of your lost confidence and you need your hair “fixed”. Could you be a candidate for a hair transplant? Possibly, and even though only 13% of transplants worldwide are performed on women, the results are excellent.

Women under certain circumstances can be helped by hair transplant surgery. The current technology for hair transplantation allows only for the redistribution of existing hair. The particular challenge for women, with the diffuse type of thinning they experience, is that they typically lack the type of dense donor area (monk’s fringe) found in many balding men. The best transplant applications for women with sufficient donor area are the re-creation or thickening of an existing hair line or to minimize a scar or area of trauma. Hair transplants are typically not performed on women suffering from Alopecia Areata as those areas are prone to spontaneous re-growth.

Once you have decided that a hair transplant may be for you, and you have rationalized that even a relatively simple surgery such as this is not completely without risk or complications, look for a surgeon certified by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) or the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). Ask for, and check references, the results of surgery are permanent and you want to be happy with results the first time.

Ask your surgeon about their experience – how long have they been performing transplants and how many surgeries have they performed on women? What does he or she recommend for you? How many surgeries will be required? Where will the hair will be harvested from, where it will be transplanted to? How many and what type of grafts will are recommended? How long will the healing process take and what results are ultimately to be expected – can they show you what you will look like? What will they do if you are not completely happy with the results? What is the cost for surgery and any post operative care?

Remember, hair replacement surgery simply redistributes your existing hair from areas of higher density to areas of lower density and no new hair is created however, combined with topical medications and cosmetic enhancers, hair replacement surgery could be just what the doctor ordered!