What Is the Source of Reiki?

The concept of energy may be unfamiliar even though civilizations around the world have known about it for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese developed energy disciplines such as Taiji and Qigong that involve moving meditation practices to harness inner energy and universal energy. Spiritual and healing disciplines such as Prana and Pranayama date back thousands of years in ancient India. Indian yogic practice involves control and movement of Prana or life force energy through the body. Similarly, ancient Tibetan monks practiced healing that some authors consider the original source of the modern system of Reiki.

Reiki can be referred to as natural energy, universal energy, cosmic energy or life force, among various other names. When we expand our awareness, consciousness and concepts of nature, the practice and principles of Reiki become superbly simple. I can try to explain a little bit about quantum physics and show that Reiki is consistent with quantum theory, if that helps a little bit.

The most intriguing thing that I find about quantum physics is that thought influences matter. All consciousness and all matter are connected in ways that baffle the imagination. Ample scientific experiments confirm that consciousness influences matter and that people can communicate through consciousness at a distance. Although the channel of communication has not yet been established, the results of communication prove that a transfer of information takes place. To the dismay of Einstein himself, the transfer of information takes place faster than the speed of light. Considering the essential oneness of the universe, instantaneous communication comes as no surprise.

Scientific research in the last hundred years has identified deep energy that exists within particles at the quantum level. Every thought, every feeling, all matter and all consciousness are forms of energy. The human mind has the power to control and direct this energy. Interestingly, this causes a challenge for physicists when they observe and measure quantum activity. The moment quantum activity is observed, it is influenced by consciousness. So, “purely objective science” has been proven to be totally impossible. Another weird thing that physicists have discovered is that atoms are almost completely empty. Atomic physics has shown that solid matter does not really exist. It’s just our perception of solid substance that is generated in the mind.

Atoms are 99.9999999% empty space no matter how solid they may seem. I hate to tell you this, but this also means that all of the atoms that stick together to make you and me are pretty much empty. Understanding this phenomenon becomes important to the Reiki healer because we realize that we are not really healing a “body” as much as healing consciousness that seems to “inhabit” empty space. In The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra explains that “mass is nothing but a form of energy… and is no longer associated with a material substance and hence particles are not seen as consisting of any basic “stuff” but as bundles of energy.”

During a Reiki healing session, energy is transferred from healer to patient. For example, by focusing on a patient who is experiencing sadness or guilt, Reiki balances and transforms negative, unhealthy life situations; this is what we call healing. This parallels findings in quantum physics that show how an observer of quantum physics always influences the outcome of the experiment. For example, if you look for particles, you’ll find particles; but if you’re looking for waves, you’ll find waves.

In both Reiki and quantum physics, the mind, the thoughts, the compassion and intention of the practitioner influence the outcome of their pursuits. As Dean Radin explains, “in classical physics, objects are regarded as objectively real and independent of the observer. In the quantum world, this is no longer the case.” Note that both allopathic medicine and classical physics exercise a similar obsession with objectivity. These approaches consider the patient or particle as an “object” to be treated or as an equation to be measured. In holistic healing approaches such as Reiki, the patient, healer and energy are perceived as a whole, working together for optimum results. Of course the healer influences the healing; of course the patient influences the healing. The universe will have it no other way!

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