Learning to Love Her Anyway

We all want to cherish that special person in our life whom we hold close to our heart. Practically, this idea runs into many problems because of individual differences make agreement difficult.

You are two different people with different views of the world. To live together harmoniously, you should create a shared dream that is important to both of you. It could be buying a house together or celebrating your twentieth anniversary together. These beautiful dreams will help you focus on the positive aspects of your relationship.

1. Love the minor differences

No two people are exactly alike-even those besotted with each other. Big or small, differences are likely to creep up from the unlikeliest of places. If you want to love her unconditionally, you will need to care for her in spite of the differences. Remember, differences occur not due to someone’s fault, but due to the fact that you are two individuals. Do not try to change her, but try to move ahead with a better understanding of each other.

2. Don’t take things personally

There are times when certain aspects of your personality come into sharp focus. Maybe you are a loner and her highly sociable lifestyle throws your limited social circle right back at you. Constantly. Do not develop a complex about these things. Instead of taking them personally, view these things in perspective. She has her life and you need to love her for her personality – it should happen the other way round as well.

3. Set rules

Setting rules is a great way to make your expectations more explicit. Rather than springing up surprises and causing the other person to feel uncomfortable, it can help if both of you know what to expect from each other in specific circumstances. You can set rules for interacting in public or with each other’s friends and parents, managing expenses, and so on. This will reduce disagreements and make it easy to build a relationship.

4. Forgive

If you want to love her unconditionally, you will have to learn to forgive, even when your mind feels like a pressure cooker or your heart is bleeding. Just forgive. In the end, nothing is worth hurting someone with your words. You can always return to the matter after both of you have distanced yourself from it to decide what went wrong. Once you have done that, simply put it to rest for good.

5. Don’t make everything your problem

Many people feel very responsible and protective towards their partners. While this is a good thing, it can often lead to an unbalanced relationship. Everybody has problems, and your girlfriend will have hers. Trust her to solve her problems on her own. If she needs your help, she will let you know. Until then, you should simply stay away but let her know you are always ready to help.

To love someone anyways is about valuing him or her as a complete person, not as an idealized image you have in your mind. Realizing that you are a person with a vibrant personality can be one of the most enriching aspects of your life.