Fascinate Your Child – All it Takes is a Riddle Filled Scavenger Hunt

Are you a party animal? Surely it would be tough for you if you are a parent as well. Hearing a child say that he is getting bored for a millionth time can drive any parent nuts. So why not give your kids some special moments that they can remember and stop complaining about getting bored. Let us see, outdoor games can be an option, but what if there is heavy snow out there and you need heating repair service. Your child is most likely to suffer from boredom again. Even with your heating system working, you are still locked inside your home when there are stormy winds blowing outside.

Here is another idea; you can surprise your child by giving him a scavenger hunt. Kids usually love them and talk about them over and over again. You might need some treasure hunt clues which will add to the fun of a scavenger hunt. If you have a good understanding with your child, then you can put up some riddles for them to seek in the scavenger hunt. The riddles should not be too difficult but challenging enough so that your child can exercise his brain.

Rhyming riddle will appear more intriguing to the kids. But this is not the most essential trait of a riddle. The inventiveness and motivation in a riddle is the most important quality. You can use different places to hide clues and the clues will appear something like this:

• “You use it between your head and toes, the more it works the thinner it grows”. This is a riddle indicating soap. You can be creative by tucking the next clue behind a bar of soap that is kept in a bath tub.

• If you have a piano in the house then you can tuck a clue in to the piano beneath the covering of the keys. The clue leading to the piano will read something like this. “I have dozens of keys but none open a door. What am I?

• The clue for a bed could go something like this; “what has four legs and a head but doesn’t walk?” you can attach the next clue to a stuffed animal and place it behind the pillow on your bed.

• Another creative riddle for a book goes something like this; “stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I am always ready to tell a tale”. You can be inventive by making a sign on this clue and when the kid looks for the book then it should carry the same sign as the clue. This will be a nice hint and the kid will not have to search throughout the book shelf.

• A simple riddle for a towel could be, “what gets wet when drying?”

These were just a few riddles with which you can set a scavenger hunt for your kids. Although they are quite simple, they may appear challenging for younger kids. So, set the riddles according to the age of your child.