Elementals (Nature Spirits) – Make Friends and Work With Them and They Will Help You Too!

The joy of many elementals (nature spirits) as we befriend and help them, is to serve us in many different ways – from practical matters to seemingly miraculous events. As long as the requests are heart-centered and in keeping with the higher will of Spirit/God, they will assist us – even in financial matters. The key to establishing a working relationship with the elementals is love – the giving of love and sending forth the power of peace from the heart. In many ways, elementals are like children and they respond to love and encouragement. Giving regularly to the nature spirits will build trust. Also important – especially in more intense situations – is commanding them from the level of your Higher Self. It may take a little practice, but eventually you will find the nature spirits assisting you in many ways.

There are many wonderful stories of assistance from the elementals in books and on the Internet – ranging from the protection of plants and gardens all the way up to the dissipation and turning back of hurricanes and protection from raging fires! Many involve healing – as all elemental life knows how to heal.

Personal Stories

I have been calling on the elementals for assistance for many years and whereas I have not been personally involved with anything as dramatic as turning back a hurricane (!), some of the incidents are very special to me. I wanted to share a few of them here:

I always ask the elementals before going on a trip to provide perfect weather and I cannot recall a single time in all the times I have asked, where they has not happened. One time before going to Hawaii, it had been raining for days without stopping – over 2 feet of rain! I made my usual calls and as we were getting out from the airport, the rain stopped and the weather was beautiful for the 10 days we were there. It rained another 20+ inches starting the day after we left!

Another incident involved a backpack trip on Mt. Shasta. I had been directed to a certain area and the map showed a stream there. However, after hiking most of the day and finally coming to the area just before it was getting dark, we found the stream was dry. I made a call to the elementals and within a very short time the water in the stream started flowing. It picked up more the next day and for the entire week the stream ran. On the morning we departed, the water stopped running again.

Last year, I remarried and we planned on getting married outside in the mountains. The weather had been cold and rainy for days. I asked the elementals for assistance in clearing the weather and for the sun to come out. Shortly after arriving at our destination (we were getting married within the hour), the weather broke, the sun came out, the winds died down and we had a lovely ceremony. Right afterwards, the rain started again but then cleared up for the rest of our stay.

For me, this last incident was the most dramatic one. I had been living in Hawaii on the Big Island for several months and the island was experiencing a drought which was getting worse. I have always been in tuned with plant life and could feel the affects of the drought on the plants. Farmers were starting to fear losing their crops and it was really turning into a bad situation. Where I was staying there was a large stream and huge waterfall and that had almost run completely dry. Finally one day I woke up early and made the strongest call to the elementals I ever had. I called for their help in getting the stream (many used it for irrigation) to start running again. I then fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up about an hour later, I heard a huge roar outside and got up to find the stream and waterfall flowing at full capacity! It was truly awesome – I am so grateful for the elementals!