The Planet Pluto – What Makes This a Suspicious Planet?

You might be wondering why the planet Pluto has been demoted to a dwarf planet in these recent discoveries regarding our own Solar System. Because of the planet being relatively small compared to other planets discovered in our solar System, it is now considered as a member of the Kupier belt which was discovered in the early 90s.

Many may have issues with the new discovery then because we have been used to with the older version of the Solar System being composed of originally 9 planets which includes Pluto. But after a few discoveries have been made, this suspicious planet which can hardly be reached by thorough observation because of it being that far, turned out to be very controversial in terms of being included to the list of the planets which revolves around the Sun or merely classified as a dwarf planet instead.

There was quite issues classifying Pluto as a member of the planets in our Solar System because it can either be classified as a terrestrial planet where Mars, Mercury, Earth and Venus is classified at, or a gas giant where Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn is classified as. And since Pluto has low massive properties, it has then been questioned of its planetary properties, which then demoted it as for being classified as a dwarf planet nowadays together with other observed dwarf planets such as Ceres as well as Eris.

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