Assam Organic CTC Black Tea – A Perfect Way to Start the Day

Assam is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest regions of tea production in this world. Teas of this region are extensively popular across the globe for its rich reddish brown color and malty flavor. Black blends from Assam are a very popular variant and are known globally as Irish or English breakfast brew. A cup of Assam black tea in the morning is a refreshing way to start the day.

Organic CTC blends from Assam, like all other Assamese brands, have great health benefits besides being popular for their flavor and color. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy Assam organic black CTC tea online and have a cup of this organic brew every morning.

Let’s find out why Assamese blends are the best and how they contribute to one’s wellbeing.

  • Makes Heart Condition Better

Organic CTC blends contain flavonoids, a very beneficial substance which is highly effective in improving functioning of cardiac valves, inner linings of blood vessels and different types of body cavities. Thus, in one word, consuming a cup of Assam CTC brew regularly keeps check on cardiovascular health. This blend also reduces artery hardening, the complication most women suffer from. So, have a cup of this CTC variant and keep the heart in good health.

  • Enhances Mental Health

It is true that there is caffeine in Assam brews but, everyone will surely be happy to know that this caffeine helps in improving thinking process and alertness. If a person wants to work late at night without feeling sleepy, he can consume a cup of Assam CTC black tea to stay awake. However, no one should make this a habit. Keep a check on the number of cups one consumes Assam brews every day and avoid all sorts of adverse effects.

  • Lessens the Chance of Cancer

Phenolic compounds containing antioxidant properties are present in all variants of Assam teas. This prevents as well as lessens the damage of nitrogen and reactive oxygen in the cells. Studies have revealed that CTC black tea from Assam helps in reducing cancer, especially lungs cancer and ovarian cancer.

With so many beneficial factors, how can one stay away from Assamese blends. But remember, loose leaf blends contain all essential nutrients and are more effective than tea bags. So, buy Assam loose tea online from some reputed companies and enjoy its benefits. All variants show how a beverage can keep people away from diseases.