Stress and ED – How to Get Quick Erections

Getting quick erections is something that a vast majority of men miss as they get older. As a teenager, it needs very little stimulation to get a hard and stiff erection. Young guys can get hard even while thinking of something erotic. Unfortunately, things changes as men get older.

Middle age and older men take a lot of time to get aroused. There can be many reasons behind this.

Stress and ED

One of the most basic reasons is stress.

Stress can be a result on many factors. You might be overworked and fatigued and it is quite possible that your mind is preoccupied with deadlines, finances and other issues.

Another very common factor that can result in erectile problems in men is lack of sleep. Most men do not really realize this but sleep deprivation might prove to be a silent killer when it comes to your sex life. It can build stress and lower testosterone levels. But things are not limited to this. What is worse is that most men who suffer erectile problems due to sleep deprivation begin blaming their wives and kids for their problems.

Stress activates the fight-or-flight response in your body. What actually happens in your body when you are too stressed out is that your adrenal glands begin releasing hormone cortisol and adrenaline in the bloodstream. One of the implications of adrenaline is that it constricts blood vessels in your body. This is what tends to have a negative impact on blood flow to the erectile tissue which is so very important to attain a hard and stiff erection.

Even little amounts of stress can result in erectile problems in men. This is because in events of fight-or-flight situations your body is not prepared to have sex.

Here is an example of how stress can affect your sex life:

The recent economic meltdown in 2008 changed more than just the economies of most of the countries. Certain surveys indicated that nearly one in ten men under 30 have been experiencing erectile problems due to stress related issues since 2008.

How to Beat Stress

Here are some simple tips to help you get over stress:

1. Get enough sleep

2. Stop worrying about little things

3. Practice yoga or meditation

4. Try doing deep breathing exercises etc.,

5. Exercise Regularly

6. Learn to say NO – This is important. Most people tend to take more responsibilities than they can handle which tends to soar their stress levels.

7. Avoid people who stress your out – If someone in your life tends to stress you out almost every time you come in contact, try to reduce your contact with this person or just avoid him or her. Now, this can be something tricky if that person is your wife or girlfriend. In such a case, you need to talk it out with her and if she loves you, she will understand.

Though working out regularly is good for your erections, over training can put your body under extreme stress and can prove counter productive. Though a lot of men take anti depressants to beat stress related issues, such pills can aggravate ED issues. Hence, it is better to try to treat stress related problems without such pills.

How to Get Quick Erections

Trust me, if your erectile problems are related to stress issues, some thing as simple as adequate and peaceful sleep can be a big help. Not just this, certain pelvic exercises can also be a big help. These exercise help increase blood flow to the penis resulting in rock solid erections.

Though there are many drugs like Viagra etc., I do not really recommend them simply because of the sheer degree of side effects involved.

Since the aim is to increase blood flow to the penis, something like an erection oil can be extremely effective. It can ensure a sudden rush of blood to the penis on application so that you can get an instant and quick erection.

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