The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Willing to Do All It Takes to Succeed in Life

In Nigeria like in most parts of the world, there is this erroneous notion that the future belongs to the youth. I absolutely do not concur to such a submission, knowing fully well that the youths have been deliberately neglected and starved of the needed development and tools to effectively take over leadership position in every segment of the nation’s economy.

The fact remains that tomorrow belongs to anyone who is able to see beyond today. When the entire world was still in darkness, Thomas Edison saw ahead of the future and invented the electric lamp which today has become a source of light and power. His name can never be erased from the hall of fame, just like thousands of others who are able to see beyond their today.

If I may ask a personal question – “what does the world holds for you in the next 20 years?” Simple as this question may seem, some individuals do not have an atom of idea what the future holds for them, as they prefer to proceed one day at a time. The best way to secure your future is to position yourself for the challenge ahead. Be ready to make sacrifices and do all it takes to have a secured tomorrow.

See what lies ahead with your spiritual eyes

We see physically with our normal eyes, while the spiritual or subconscious eyes can be used to see beyond our today. That is the exact technique deployed by inventors, entrepreneurs and those who have positively influenced their generation.

Live beyond your generation and environment

It is a tragedy to allow you entire life to be controlled by where you live. I have observed over the years a lack of passion, aspiration and creativity among youths staying in villages and rural areas in Nigeria because of the lack of infrastructures and developmental projects to stimulate their vision.

An individual who desires to succeed must live beyond his/her immediate environment. It is your sole responsibility to create your own world and outlive the limitations of the present generation. This is the secret of those who have made tangible progress in life.

Think proactively

Our thoughts can positively or negatively affect our decisions in life. One of the things that distinguish followers from leaders is the way they think. A leader is expected to out-think the followers and do things differently. It is absolute madness to think ordinarily and expect extraordinary results.

As you prepare for the wonderful future that lies ahead, the Almighty God will endow you with all the resources, gifts and tools you need to prosper and become successful in life. It is up to you to take a hold of your tomorrow and create the better world you so desire.