Spiritual Quantum Physics And The Key To Power And Peace


The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that unlimited power is ours. It flows from the Mind of God to the infinite Quantum Ocean and into our individual auras. This flow of power is a gift from the Creator God. All we have to do is to get ‘ourselves’ out of the way. We must let go of all our false and unconscious beliefs, ideas, concepts and programming. It is a true scientific maxim: “Let go and let God.”

The primary Spiritual Quantum Physics maxim that we must accept and steep our blood and bones in is:

“There is only one mover in all creation and that mover is THOUGHT.”

There is a cause, a reason for you as well as the universe. There is a power greater than you are and you are part of it. In this stultified materialistic godless world we find ourselves living in we must start to look to the spiritual writings and spiritual poetry for some guidance. We must learn to seek out the Creator God.

Here is a marvelous example of spiritual poetry that will get you thinking.

“O, raise up thine eyes to the eternal sky

In thy bondage strike out to be free

Hush the whispering voice of the infinite Why

With “I am and I was and I ever will be.”


The entire race of humanity is born free. Free to determine his destiny. Free to disclose the sources of his Being and immensity of his power. Why is it that the great mass of humanity leads drab and colorless lives filled with fear, frustration and insecurity?

These thoughts are products of man’s conscious mind. Circumstances shape man’s destiny. But there are resources which can raise the human soul above his circumstances. Thought habits of your conscious mind shape your life. Conceptual habits of conscious mind are the greatest bar to man’s discovery of himself. The important thing to remember is that every day of your life the same power that brings you good fortune also brings you bad fortune according to how you use it.

The conceptions of yourself as children of god, as infinite souls, as co-creators, as god-lings are locked up in your subconscious mind. Learn how to unlock it.