Are Penis Enlargement Products Bad For Your Health – Secrets Revealed Now

Do you find that you are in the market for bigger penis right now? You want to see nice long term results that have no side effects. It is a hard fact that with every risk you take in life there are no guarantees. You have been overwhelmed with products promising to give you your fantasy, but can you trust them? You want to know are penis enlargement products bad for your health?

First off, you have probably noticed the tons of advertisements for pills. These promise that if you take them regularly then you will see mammoth results. This movement has been very popular since Viagra. The thing to watch out for are the ingredients. These pills often have things that are not very healthy for your body. For instance, a pill may offer more testosterone to get you to your sexual peak. The truth is if you already have it in your body and you digest more than you need. Your body may react funny and leave you feeling lightheaded and unable to perform in bed.

Secondly, There are pumps that promise a larger size as well. They can make this promise because they do enlarge your size temporarily. Unfortunately, due to the process that is used for this, you could risk ruptured blood vessels. This could lead to swelling and overall pain. There are also many pumps out there that are poorly designed so this is risking your health.

Thirdly, there is the permanent route of surgery. This does actually lead to a bigger penis but there are a few drawbacks. First, this can and will leave scar tissue behind which can result in a weird looking penis. It can also leave you with a downward facing erection in the future. The worst news is some have reported that erectile dysfunction can settle in. Once you have this you are set up to fix a brand new problem. This still begs the question are penis enlargement products bad for your health?