An Adventurous Jamaica Villa Holiday

If you want to really get away from it all during the dismal winter months, why not go for a drastic change of scenery, weather and style? A Jamaica villa holiday in the sunny Caribbean could add an exciting twist to your New Year holiday! Just imagine basking in the luxury of the warm inviting weather with the cool Caribbean breeze against your face. But it’s not all about lying on the beach – check out some of the cool activities below that could make your ‘to-do’ list while you’re there.

Bellefield Great House

Steeped in colonial history, this is one of the oldest plantation houses in Jamaica. It belongs to the Jarret-Kerr family; their history on the island began in 1655 when one of the Scottish Kerrs arrived as part of a British fleet, after the British took ownership of the island from the Spanish.

This impressive mansion captures the very spirit of the island’s rich plantation history, with its antique furnishings (complete with family heirlooms), tropical gardens and expansive views. You can also tour the house’s sugar mill, which was built in 1794 during the West Indian sugar boom. You’ll get to wander the expansive lawns out the back of the mansion, which are filled with ancient trees and graced with picturesque views. Bellefield Great House is very close to many a Jamaica villa in Montego Bay, so, if you choose wisely it can be right on your doorstep!

Pirate Cruises

Why not sail the gorgeous coastlines just like Jamaica’s famous pirate Calico Jack did? Jamaica’s pirates have inspired many stories – including the most famous of all, Hollywood’s Pirates of the Caribbean. During your stay at a Jamaica villa in Montego Bay, you can set off aboard a swashbuckling pirate cruise, while a local storyteller will help sail you back in time to the intriguing adventures of Calico Jack and his band of female pirates. You will ample opportunities to swim, dance, suntan, snorkel or take pirate-styled photos on board. Definitely not something you’d want to miss mate! Aye aye!

Maroon Town

Step back in time to the 17th century and explore the beginnings of Jamaica’s legendary Maroons. When the Spanish came under attack from British forces, they set their slaves free before fleeing themselves. The slaves escaped to the mountains, where they set up base and launched a fierce resistance against the British, before signing a peace treaty in 1739. Today, they remain high in the mountains, living a peaceful, isolated life just as their ancestors did more than 300 years ago. You can take the opportunity to travel inland and explore their settlement in Jamaica’s interior, where they are self governed and ruled by an elected head of state.