Numis Network – An Honest Company Review

My name is Joe LoBalsamo and during my Numis Network review, I came to realize that the company is very unique in many ways compared to most other network marketing companies. What caught my attention first is that Numis Network markets products that will only create you more profits for those that invest in it. The product is numismatic coins. With Numis Network’s Silver Coin of the Month Club you can build a huge collection of beautiful and valuable collectible assets. Just about everybody collects something…shouldn’t it be assets? The reality is that the dollar has been losing it’s value for some time now. And silver and gold are becoming more and more valuable assets.

The next thing that caught my attention about Numis Network when doing my review is the leadership team and the tremendous experience they bring to the table. It is very important to know who is the leadership of a company.

You have Ian Cordell, Founder & President, Christopher Kent, Founder & EVP, Jake Kevorkian, Founder & EVP. They have over twenty years experience in the network marketing industry and established a company called International Direct Selling Technology Corp. This is the same company that created many of the systems for other network marketing companies. As well as compensation plans. Not many network marketing companies have founders with this kind of experience. This leadership team is very impressive.

I was also looking for a company that wouldn’t attempt to tell me how to run my business like most network marketing companies. For example: You can’t use the Internet or you can’t do meetings or you can only cold call leads etc.

This was Hugh for me since many know me as a top marketer online and that I embrace the Internet when building my own business. Numis Network will also let you leverage the Internet to build the business which was a big plus for me personally.

Now there was only one other thing I had to look at closely when doing my Numis Network review and that was the compensation plan. The compensation plan is known as a binary plan which happens to be the compensation plan that very few network marketing companies use and is responsible for creating the biggest checks and most millionaires in network marketing. But the Numis Network binary plan has to be the best compensation pan I have ever seen. This compensation plan has a $100 Legacy Matching fast start Bonus. This simply means that you earn a $100 bonus every time a representative in your Team receives a Fast Track Collector Bonus. This bonus can be paid to you from unlimited levels deep in your organization. I call this now money! Of course you will also get your residual compensation as well. This Legacy Matching fast start Bonus is what really got me very excited when doing my Numis Network review.