Sunless Tanning – Why Idol Tan?

I think it’s a given to any young woman or guy these days that being tanned is preferably to looking pale. Most people love to have a classic tan but in the UK where I live that’s never going to happen naturally, we just don’t get enough hot sun!

Even if you do get enough sun, you’re still running a massive risk of skin cancer by over exposure to it. I know lying on the beach one of life’s little luxuries but with millions of cases of skin cancer a year through over exposure to the sun it’s only going to be a matter of time for most sun worshipers before it’s their turn to suffer.

The fake tanning alternatives

For me, sun beds aren’t even an option. They’re just way too risky and even though you get a great tan in minutes it’s just as bad for your skin as real sun exposure. I know that sun beds have come a long way in the past few years but it still has the same effect as the real sun does. OK, I can get a quick tan in minutes using one of them but in ten years my skin is gonna look like an old woman’s if I keep using sun beds all the time. I want a safe way to tan sunless.

Which leaves only sunless tanning products.

I’ve gone through all of the best tanning products that were apparently worth trying; creams, sprays, lotions, and moisturisers. Sure, they all tan your skin but unfortunately not all with the same perfect result they promise. Some leave streaky marks, some give uneven coverage, some have a really strong ‘fake tan smell’ and most have that orange tinge to them! Not a good look!

Then you have to worry about finding the time to apply the stuff. Sitting around in just my underwear for half an hour while something dries all over me isn’t my idea of fun, or having it then rub off on my clothes as has happened all too often.

The best fake tan I’d had in the past has always been from the spray tans you get inside tanning salons. They give even coverage and a gorgeous deep colour too. The down side? It lasts only a week and costs way more than I can afford to do regularly.

When I heard about Idol Tan I had very high hopes as it was the successor product to the incredible Idol White, their tooth whitener. After using it I was more than satisfied with it. Its affordable, simple to use, highly effective (literally unlike anything else I’ve ever used) and quick! If you’re looking for the best tanning product on the market today my honest advice is to try this out for yourself to see exactly why it’s caused such a positive stir.