The Romantic Top 10 Ways to Show You Love

Show You Love!

1. Send them a Valentine’s Day card

Be original and make a unique card, attaching something of significance from love that takes them to a special place, such as a photo of the place you first met or some material from that special outfit you wore.

2. Surprise them with a heart-shaped note affirming why you love them- and hide it somewhere where they will find it that same day, before you forget about it (e.g. in their sandwich box, in their pocket, in their shoe).

3. Show you love by getting yourself into shape (or promise of, in the form of a signed intention or show them the Yoga Tone DVD you are planning to use). After all, you need to start feeling good about yourself before you can truly love someone else. Doing yoga on a regular basis will put that zest back into your relationship and give you more energy to share.

4. Arrive at their door with a red single rose. Often the most simple actions speak the loudest!

5. Give them an invitation for a romantic meal together or surprise them with one at home. Eating together is a wonderful opportunity to show them that you enjoy their company and indeed to make time for yourself to stop. It is also a great place to bring out your creative skills in decorating the table with sensuous red napkins, roses, confetti, placemats or whatever will look welcoming. Don’t forget the candles and soft background music as well and make sure you won’t be disturbed (thank God for off buttons on mobiles and willing babysitters)! When this is done without stress, but rather with careful planning, your relationship will be a long way ahead in enhancing the harmony and well-being between you. If you can’t cook you could either get someone to teach you or else make the most of a good takeaway- but ensure that it will arrive beforetime and keep warm in the oven whilst you put the finishing touches on yourself and the table. Make sure your own appearance matches the effort you have put into the meal!

6. Order a bouquet of their favourite flowers to their place of work or home. They can be real, fresh ones that fill the room with the fragrance of your love, or silk ones that will last forever, just like your love.

7. Write them a love poem attached to a red balloon and tie it to their front door or car or wherever they are likely to find it before it blows away! Place a love note inside, before you blow it up.

8. Sing love by sending them a love song that you have sung and recorded onto a CD or even filmed onto DVD. Get a friend to help you if you can’t play an instrument. Practice it a few times so that it is pleasant to listen to! They will be thrilled at the effort.

9. Send them an email or SMS with a romantic picture that will show you love them! However, it must be noted that this is not the most original idea in this list and might be best combined with one of the others!

10. With any of the above, add a marriage proposal to show you love and trust in them enough to make a commitment for the rest of your lives- and it will be the icing on the cake!