How To Use Vellum For Your Card Making Ideas

One of my favourite types of craft paper to use for my card making ideas is vellum paper, there is so much you can do with it to create stunning effects and designs.

Vellum was initially a translucent type of paper made from calfskin that had been soaked and then dried at a normal temperature under some sort of tension.

Vellum is a parchment paper that got its name from the French word velin which stands for calfskin, it is smooth and durable and can be used in so many ways for card making ideas.

Vellum paper can come in a variety of colours or prints and can vary in weight and thickness.

Using vellum for your card making ideas is a fun way to embellish and add definition to your cards, it does not always have to be a sheet of plain color as vellum can come in many prints including flowers, swirls and even pictures.

You can use vellum to mat and layer and even to cover the whole front of a card however because it is slightly see though you will need to be careful when attaching it to your card making ideas as many adhesives will show through.

There are some vellum adhesives available however these can sometimes be expensive and I find that even thought they are supposed to be invisible you can still see the tape, maybe its just because I know its there and I am looking for it.

If possible try to attach vellum to your card making ideas by means other than adhesives, I use brads where possible so that the vellum is secured and no glue is needed.

You can also print on vellum which is a really effective way of having a message on your cards or a poem. Because vellum is so smooth you will need to be very careful when printing on vellum as it may smudge. I would wait at least a few hours before attaching the printed vellum to one of you card making ideas.

You can also try to dry the ink with a heat gun but use the lowest setting and be very careful as this can burn the vellum.

Vellum can also be used to punch out ghost like shapes, I find punching out flower shapes and building them up on the front of a card gives it a stunning look.

If using vellum quotes you can simply cut the wording out however I find if you rip around the vellum words it looks a lot nicer.

Whether you are using quotes, printed patterned or plain vellum you will find that there is so much you can do with it you will love it.