Penis Massage Techniques – Ballooning and Jelquing Technique

Penis massage has been employed by people since ancient times to increase penis size and quality of erections. These massages are done in such a way that help the sponge like tissues present in the penis to be able to hold more blood which eventually gives strong erections and enlargement of these tissues increases the length and girth of the organ. Massaging oils, gels and creams are also available in the market, these have ingredients those can penetrate the skin and promote blood flow to the male sex organs and also dilates the tissues to accommodate more blood for better quality of erections and increase in size. Massages with proper technique can be done using these creams and gels for quicker results.

Ballooning technique may not be the easiest of all the techniques employed for massaging the penis but can increase the size as well as control over the ejaculation. This is done by massaging the groin, pubis, shaft, base, scrotum and footing which will make the organ stiff and erect. Do not let the semen flow out, hold it back, this massage shall be done for at least 30-45 minutes and ejaculation shall be controlled during this time. This improves the flow of blood to the male genitals and also stimulates the testosterone hormone. More blood flow makes the penis grow in size and person can gain control over his ejaculation too.

Another penis massage technique is called jelquing technique. This massage shall be done by using proper lubrication which can be normal oil or cream or any penis enlargement cream or gel. This massage technique is used when penis is flaccid. After applying the lubrication on the penis hold it at the base by encircling it with index finger and thumb. Slowly with sufficient grip move the hand towards the tip of the organ once the hand reaches the tip of the organ start massaging again from the base with the help of other hand. The grip shall not be too strong or too light and this shall be done for 30 minutes at least 25-30 times. This improves blood flow and massages the corpus cavernosa to enlarge and hold more blood.

Another almost similar penis massage technique is the one which not only works well to increase the length of the penis but also for its girth. According to this technique hands are moved from the base of the penis towards its tip, once the hands are at the glans they are moved in circular motion first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. It is better to follow this technique with the help of one hand but precaution shall be taken to apply equal pressure on both the sides of the penis.

Penis massage shall be done with extreme care though these techniques are trusted by many people but any damage during the massage to the organ can be irreparable. It is important to practice these techniques in complete privacy so that one can focus completely on the massage. If there is even slightest pain in the penis due to previous massage session then massage shall not be done and if pain does not subside in a day or two should see a doctor.