Book Review: Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn

Fall is here! The leaves are turning colors. The air carries a chill. At this time of year, it’s easy to see the changing seasons reflected in nature. Sometimes it’s not quite so easy to see the changing seasons in our lives. Those seasons are unseen, and they don’t always follow predictable patterns. But change is inevitable no matter what.

One of my favorite business philosophers, Jim Rohn, wrote a book called “Seasons of Life,” and it explains how to deal with life’s many changes by harnessing the power of attitude with the support of faith.

Rohn outlines the four seasons of life, aligning them with the four seasons in nature: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

First, successful people must learn how to survive the winters. A winter could be a time when:

• Everything goes wrong
• You feel stuck
• You’re alone
• You meet with disappointment
• Money is scarce
• You’re fighting a personal battle

Winters are inevitable. Rohn says, “You can’t get rid of January simply by tearing it off the calendar.” The only way to survive winter is to change yourself. Winters exist to stretch and challenge you. You must work to become stronger, wiser, and more skilled during this time. If you simply complain all winter, all the pain was for nothing.

After winter comes spring, a time of

• Growth
• Opportunity
• Activity
• Energy

Many times, people get lazy in the springtime because it is so comfortable. But Rohn encourages us to plant, plant, plant! We should take advantage of the chance to work while we have it. What we plant in the spring, we reap come autumn.

But before autumn, we must pass through the summer. According to Rohn, the dog days of summer are a time when we must defend what we planted in the spring. It’s where we “bear the heat of the day” and work to preserve our faith, ideals, and dreams when they are attacked – and they will be attacked.

Eventually, autumn arrives. This is harvest time, and depending on how hard we worked in the spring and summer, our harvest may be big or small. If we reap much, we should accept it as our just reward. If we reap little, we must also accept it as our just reward. Maturity means taking responsibility for your actions, whether they were wise or foolish.

Rohn emphasizes that God created humans with free will to make choices, either for good or bad. He argues that “attitude determines choice, and choice determines results.” Therefore, attitude is the most important factor in your success.

If you have the right attitude as you work through each season, you will experience growth and fulfillment no matter how positive or negative your circumstances. It’s not about changing the season. It’s about changing you!

I highly recommend “Seasons of Life” by Jim Rohn. I hope this snapshot of his concepts motivates you to read it and benefit also!

To your unstoppable success,