Brazilian Wax Brings on the Blushes – Getting Upfront and Personal With Your Waxing Therapist

With the exception of childbirth, there can be few treatments quite as intimate as having a Brazilian or Hollywood wax. Your waxing therapist will get to know you like few others do as she removes hair from the most personal and private of areas. This means that a high level of trust and discretion is vital.

It is perhaps not that much of a surprise, therefore, that many people are simply too embarrassed to ask for the treatment they actually want. This problem is exacerbated by the confusion caused by what actually constitutes certain intimate waxing treatments. For example, while any decent waxing salon will remove all hair from the labia, perineum and anus as standard during a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, some beauty salons seem content with removing hair from the pubic mound, while leaving those harder-to-reach areas untouched. This means that customers are often unsure what they are going to get when asking for a Brazilian, and are too embarrassed to challenge the therapist when they don’t get the service they were hoping for.

The best advice is to find a salon which is upfront about exactly what each treatment involves. Those that are serious about what they do usually have websites that are specifically designed to alleviate any confusion and it’s also a generally good sign if staff are happy to explain all, without any hint of embarrassment. Good therapists would also be advised to check with all first-time customers whether they have had a Brazilian or Hollywood wax before and thus that they know exactly what they are in for.

One expert waxing therapist we spoke to reports that some clients still appear embarrassed when it comes to the part of the treatment where the hair is removed from certain areas, usually from around the back. “Even though they have requested a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, presumably because they want all or almost all of their pubic hair removed, they still appear very shy,” she says. “Of course, there is no reason for them to feel like that. As a specialist waxing boutique, our therapists devote their days to removing hair from every body part, so we have definitely seen it all before.”

Salons offering these treatments can take a number of steps to alleviate any self-consciousness displayed by the client. Most important of all is that all therapists carrying out these treatments are comfortable and confident in what they are doing themselves. It is immediately obvious to the client if the therapist herself feels uneasy, which makes a potentially unnerving situation even worse.

The positions that the client must adopt in order to have all of her hair removed (especially from around the back) also play a part. This is an entirely personal choice. While some clients are more than happy to flip over, other clients prefer to stay on their back and adopt a ‘backward roll’ or knees to chest type pose, which in most cases still allows the therapist to reach the necessary areas. Any skilled therapist will guide you in this process, and talk to you about what makes you feel most comfortable, while still allowing her to do her job and obtain the results that you came in for.