Get Back a Lover – Brainwashing Your Ex and Getting Him Back Through These 3 Dirty Little Tricks!

The break up is the worse part of being in relationship. It’s safe to assume that you’ve opened up this page because your boyfriend just dumped you out. Quite simply, you’re now backed to the single world – the boring single world! Perhaps, it’s time to start all over again. Perhaps, this is the time to find a new partner. But it’s not that easy. The feeling is still there. You still love your ex boyfriend and want him to get back. Is there any magic spell to do such thing? What if I tell you, there’s a right logic to get him back? Read and learn dirty little tricks to get back a lover. Here they are.

Before we start, let me remind you that these tricks if done well can bring quick results. And take note that even a single mistake can push your ex away from you. Be warned!

Also, you need to put some effort in doing the tricks. Don’t just sit on the corner and wait until someone runs after your ex boyfriend. Take action fast! You should be aware that once he falls in love again, you’re automatically dead in his heck heart. You don’t want that thing to happen right? Then, here are the strategies that you should consider.

Trick#1: Give what your ex wants

The very first thing that you should do is to relax. Stop acting so needy. Otherwise, your ex will be pushed away. If he wants a break up, then what should you do? Would you rather fight and act desperately just to get him back? If your answer is yes then that is definitely a wrong move. Acting so childish and desperate could not bring any good to get your ex boyfriend back. It will only appear that you’re so hungry for love which is not good. If that is the case, your ex will realize he made the right decision of leaving you. He may think you can’t leave without him.

Needless to say, you have to agree with the break up even if it hurts. Just wait and he will soon be right back. One day he will hug you so tight and you will feel so special once again. But before you celebrate, let me remind that you should avoid contacting your ex after the break up. This time, you need to follow the no contact rule. This is the most important part of the trick. Trash all his contacts and avoid sending him a bulk of text messages. He might get irritated for that. The break up is still fresh. That is why you need to give your ex a time to think. So stop asking “why he’s not asking to beg me back?” and stop asking “why he’s not calling me up?”

Trick#2: Giving Your Sincere Apology

After a few weeks, you can call him up and make an apology just in case you did mistake to him. But make sure you are sincere. If he accepts your apology, you should be glad because your chance of getting him back is higher.

Trick#3 Befriending Your Ex

But don’t worry if he did not accept it because you still have a plan B. That is to become his friend. I know you’ve heard this many times but that is true. But make sure, he will not just stick to your friendship. Take care of your appearance and attract him when possible.

What if your ex is back? What now? Would you rather celebrate for good? Well, the best thing to do is to train him to treat you like a queen. In other words let his love rise for the second time around. You can use your history for him to reminisce your sweetest moments together.

That’s all I can help. But don’t underestimate these get back a lover tricks as these will give you an almost unfair advantage. Wish you the best of luck and I hope to see you in some websites sharing your own success story.