Fastest Ways to Get Your Ex Back

If getting your ex back is the most important thing to you now, then I will advice that you do not get erratic or desperate about it. There are ways you are going to go about the whole process that will pay off later.

Based on a previous experience what I am about to show you is proven to work. If you will only do it just the way I have described in this article. I am telling you this especially if your ex is not ready to see you or talk to you.

Number 1

Do not get anxious to see her to talk because it might be fatal and will only ignite the whole picture behind your separation. Instead send her text messages to tell your ex how you have missed him/her.

How do you do this? Simple, If friday is the you spend out time together watching movies and you meet at 7pm, by 6.59pm send a text message to your ex telling her how terrible the evening would be without her.

You send something like “What a gloomy and empty day for me, How I wish you would only show up today. The movie would be on now without you and me. I only pray that you would make my Friday a boom. I miss you like craze. I love you”

Simple and precise. On Monday morning send your ex another text message wishing her a lovely week ahead. Such words packaged in a message will work wonders on her/his emotions and you may just be on way to getting your ex back.

Number 2.

If you are very friendly with one or more of her good friends, then you are half way through. Get to meet the friend and let her know how much you have missed your ex.Avoid going through the whole episode that led to your separation but let the friend know how much you are responsible for the separation and how much you want your ex girlfriend/boyfriend back.

Since emotion is the name of the game, all you need do is to be positive and use any or all these proven techniques I have outlined above.