Bible Study on Revelations – The Antichrist’s Henchmen

In the prophecy of Daniel 2, which portrays the succession of four world kingdoms, it is said that the fourth kingdom will be divided, and in the days of these kings God will set up a kingdom (vs 44). Similarly, a Bible study on Revelations will also show a countdown of events leading up to the end of the world.

For every kingdom there is a king set up over it. Thus the division of the fourth kingdom means that you will no longer have one supreme king, as in the case of Caesar, but a plurality of kings over the different kingdoms into which the fourth kingdom was splintered.

In your Bible study on Revelations 17, you will see how this divided fourth kingdom will position itself for the final conflict in the latter days.

In the end of the world countdown in both Daniel 2 and 7, you will see a scenario that can easily be traced from beginning to end. In tracking the fulfillment of this prophecy, you will see how one world kingdom succeeds the other in the following hierarchy:

* HEAD OF GOLD – The kingdom of Babylon (606-538BC)

* BREAST/ARMS OF SILVER – The kingdom of the Medes and Persians (538-331BC)

* BELLY/THIGH OF BRASS – The kingdom of Greece (331- 168BC)

* LEGS OF IRON – The kingdom of Rome (168BC-476AD)

* FEET OF IRON/CLAY – The divided kingdom of Rome (476AD-Present)

Since the Gothic invasion of Rome prior to 476AD, Rome has lost much of her territories. But we must remember that the Bible says that in the feet of iron and clay remains “the strength of the iron” (Dan. 2:41), thus indicating that the iron kingdom will still have the upper hand in the world.

This will be the situation with the fourth kingdom in the last days when the beast ascends from the bottomless pit.

According to my Bible study of Revelations 17, the ten kings will reign during the same period with the beast (the Antichrist) and they will give their kingdom to the beast. In handing over their kingdoms to the beast they will have pledged to become his henchmen to enforce his evil dictates in their respective territories.

Because the beast possesses supernatural powers, these kings will consider it appropriate for him to be given leadership of planet earth. However, something dramatic will happen that will cause these monarchs to turn against the beast and burn down the city of Rome. (Rev. 17:16, 17)

This vicious act on the part of these ten world leaders will be allowed by God as a visitation of punishment on both the woman and the beast for their part in leading the world into devil worship.

It is at that point in time that Christ will put in His appearance and begin to rule the planet with a rod of iron as King of kings and Lord of lords. A cursory Bible study on Revelations 19 will bear this out. In the end, these kings will be destroyed with the sword of Christ’s mouth, His people will be delivered, and as Daniel 7:22 says, “the time came that saints possessed the kingdom”.