Flasks – Make Great Gifts and Movie Props

Imagine this set-up in a comedy film: two men are trapped under a sewer because of some freak accident. It was just coincidence that the other character in the story has a flask with him. As the scene goes on, the two tough characters began to tell each other their life stories taking turns at a swig from the flask. After sometime, the alcoholic beverage in the flask begins to kick-in that as they go on with their stories, one of them begins to break-out and cry, which is a really funny scene.

That movie is I-Spy starring Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson. In the movie, the flask is subliminally guiding the attention of the movie-goers, while it can also act as a cue for the actor that he is about to speak his script lines. Flasks make great props in movie scenes where there is a conversation between two or three actors. This strategy has been used a number of times in Hollywood films.

Off reel, flasks, especially hip flasks, were restricted to gentlemen or people with noble birth during the old days, although, it is not so surprising to discover women with tucked flasks in their garter belts as well. It is always filled with liquor and is supposed to keep the body warm during the biting cold of winter. This use for the hip flask definitely stuck with us until today that having a hip flask tucked into ones trousers or jeans makes one look like an alcoholic.

Today, a flask is considered as an interesting and valuable gift. It is in fact ironic that an item filled with alcohol can also be managed to be a symbol of elegance and style. For instance, in the movie Spy Game, starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, the latter gave the former a flask as a gift. In the movie, the flask, old yet priceless, symbolizes the apprentice’s trust, loyalty and reverence to his mentor. On the other hand, when the mentor sees the gift after he had tucked it away for so long, he realizes the meaning behind the gift and is thus propelled to act in aid of his apprentice in distress.

It is either from the sheer polish of silver or its colorful use in the movie industry that propelled the flask to popularity. You can check at any souvenir stores and you may find one or two flasks for sale. Try to look a glass lining inside to see if you have chosen a quality flask. A flask with a glass lining protects the metallic taste from mixing with the drink.

Whatever the reason behind its fame, a flask is definitely a gift that is welcomed by anyone, alcoholic or not. If MTV ever had the coolest accessory in a movie film award, it had to be a flask. No other item can handle itself better in a scene than a flask. The only problem is who will accept the award?