Learn Online Through Mind Maps, SLMs, and Live Classes

Elearning websites have made a bombastic entry in the educational front worldwide simply because of their abundant features salubrious for students in the contemporary age. A technologically refined version of traditional classroom teaching style, online learning sites, present in countless numbers, have gradually sidelined the conventional learning strategy helpful only in the mugging-up business. On the contrary, these aid students in having a complete conceptual clarity otherwise found to be missing when going for a tried and tested learning pattern.

Latest inventions in the Information Technology have led to the incorporation of scientifically and digitally advanced tools in every eLearning website-thereby, making learning online all the more a pleasant journey.

Supported with tools such as Mind maps, SLMs, Live Class, Test Centre and a host of other virtual teaching modes making learning easy and comprehendible, eLearning websites have made an impetus for further expansion of academic periphery. Promoted admirably by online experts having years of expertise in the education field, students find learning online a comparatively better option post school hours, which inadvertently acts as a bridge between a student’s In and After school hours, thus, filling the study void.

Increasingly used in all websites of similar nature, these learning mechanism tools are appreciated globally frankly for their advantageous attributes, which eventually help in better understanding of the concept to students with varied mental abilities. All these tools have been assimilated only after a thorough research and experiments conducted on a global basis, consequently giving enough reasons for their wide usages and favourableness amidst students of all age groups.

However, it is desirable to first apprehend the significance of these individual learning tools applied comprehensively for teaching students online.

Mind maps are renowned across the world for being a scientific and a competent tool for learning complicated topics in a simplistic way. Represented typically in a diagram form, Mind maps help a concept fall in the “easy to understand” category by giving a snapshot of each chapter and subject in a logical and hierarchical format. These put forth a particular concept in an excellent manner by means of a flowchart, which further aid in the systematic grasping of facts. These are used popularly both for an introduction and final revision of a chapter, thus, making learning quite a fun.

Used mostly for generating, visualizing structuring and classifying of ideas, Mind map functions as a great learning mechanism in study, organization, problem solving, decision-making as well in writing processes. Quiet graphical in nature, this tool has found great followers in young students internationally.

SLMs or Smart Learning Modules run almost on the same pattern as Mind map–the only difference lying in its approach. With an aim to understand each topic from the basic to the advanced level (i.e. HOTS or High Order Thinking Skills as known precisely), it too makes ample usage of visual and graphical presentations. The chapters are explained using these methods, which aid in increasing a student’s attention and the subsequent retention powers. The contents are mapped as per class, subject and chapter wise which is of immense help for a systematic study program.

Test Centre in most websites help in providing an exhaustive bank of model test papers, practice papers, solved previous board papers apart from conducting occasional online tests-ultimately aiding in ascertaining a student’s progress level.

Live class provide an appealing opportunity to students with a chance to experience virtual classroom teaching style. Here, they get online tuition from subject experts live, however, following the same age-old conventional teaching style, though, imparted in a more sophisticated manner.

In a nutshell, acquiring learning from these profitable eLearning websites only add to the overall essence of a student’s knowledge awareness. And so it can be said confidently that eLearning websites are here to stay for long till a much more advanced technology replaces their powerful existence.