A Word or Two About Karndean Flooring

One of those unique types of vinyl flooring, Karndean flooring is actually fully synthetic in nature and is usually found in plank and tile sizes. This makes it different in style from other conventional age old techniques.

It is found in various types and styles. The major advantage of using this is that it matches perfectly with other floor finishing materials like wood, concrete, timber, slate or stone.

It sometimes happens that you want to cover up certain particular areas with materials other than those that are used in almost all the parts of your house. It comes handy just in these cases and provides for the ultimate solution and support to these problems. It can be best applied in wash-rooms, kitchens as well as in the balconies also.

While you want to lay it, it is recommended to consult an expert for advice and support in this matter. Basically, it follows easy technique to get installed on sub surface but there are certain things that should be kept in mind while placing it. Always check properly whether there are any bumps or lumps in it.

So, before placing them, make sure the surface are clean and dust free and there are no lumps or bumps on them. If there are any then take suitable measures to clear off the bump. In brief, it is best applied over absolutely plain sub floors. Also if there are presences of sharp objects beneath it, then there are high possibilities of getting this damage.

After you are done with the laying, you need to apply roller (100lb) over the entire area to get it fixed and in plain shape all over the place where it has been applied.

It is useful to apply Karndean flooring over the surface made up of wood, stone or other materials as these techniques will prevent these material from getting damaged and will remain intact due to its highly resistant nature from sunlight, heat and humidity.